The Neon Phenomenon: An Interactive Adventure

Music for Neon Bible by Arcade Fire

Neon Bible is the second studio album by the Canadian indie band Arcade Fire. It was released on March 5, 2007 in Europe and March 6, 2007 in North America. Neon Bible has experienced breakthrough commercial success. During its first week, it debuted at #1 in both Canada and Ireland, and #2 in the United States, the United Kingdom and Portugal. It was certified gold in Canada in March 2007.

Throughout the course of the album, the band employs a pipe organ, a hurdy gurdy, a military choir, and a full Hungarian orchestra, among others. Frontman Win Butler described the album as sounding “like standing by the ocean at night.” Butler has stated in an interview that the album is not named after the John Kennedy Toole novel The Neon Bible and that the identical titles are purely coincidental.

Pete Paphides reviewed Neon Bible in The Times (England), describing his experience of seeing its performance in London:

At times, you wonder if a more emphatically serious album has been made in the past decade. Last week, Win Butler said that the thing that interests him about religion is its reluctance to take a “light-hearted view” of human nature. [At the conclusion] A deafening church organ announces itself like the fist of an Old Testament God smashing through the stained glass, and Butler’s fraught examination of crumbling belief rises to its conclusion over a motif that, consciously or otherwise, seems to turn into We Shall Overcome.”

In October 2007, Arcade Fire uploaded a new website with the date October 6 on it. After speculation over what the website was about, including rumors of new material or a live streaming of a concert, it was eventually revealed to be a video for Neon Bible, featuring the face and hands of Win Butler, Arcade Fire’s Frontman, with which you can interact during the song.

Neon Bible: An Interactive Adventure

(Click Image for the Interactive Neon Bible)

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Fuzzy Knut Celebrates His First Birthday

The Fuzzy Guru Turns One

Knut’s birthday drew fans from around the world. Knut stole German hearts from the moment he stepped out into his enclosure. But the baby polar bear has fans all over the world. Many of them travelled to Berlin this week to help him celebrate his first birthday. They came to Berlin from all over the world. From Connecticut. From Belgium. From Tokyo. And all had a single mission in mind: Knut, the star polar bear at the Berlin Zoo, turned one year old on Wednesday, and his biggest fans, even those from far, far away, wanted to be there to celebrate with him.

Knut Celebrates His Birthday

Knut Making His Debut as a Baby Cub

Germany’s youngest celebrity, Knut the polar bear cub, made his much-anticipated public debut at Berlin Zoo on Friday and appeared unfazed by the media fracas surrounding the spritely little steps of his first excursion. The three-and-a-half-month old white cub padded gingerly around his new enclosure to the gasps and sighs of onlookers.

Fortified by a breakfast of porridge (perhaps oatmeal), the puppy-sized cub sniffed at the grass and rolled in the dust as he delighted the crowds. “I want to take him home,” said Daniel Wolff, five, whose mother had bought him a specially made “Knut” cuddly polar bear toy on sale on a stand outside the enclosure.

Knut stole the heart of Berliners after he was born in December, but was then rejected by his mother Tosca. A bearded zookeeper moved into the enclosure to look after him round the clock. But Knut’s fate grabbed global attention after an animal rights campaigner said hand-rearing polar bears was a violation of animal rights. German media interpreted his comments as a call for Knut to be put to sleep.

“We are not worried about Knut’s future,” Berlin Zoo vet Andre Schuele told reporters. “As a male he will grow big and strong. Polar bears are loners and he will be fine — it doesn’t matter that he has been hand-reared.”×435&style=square

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Photos of the Day: A Sultry Hunk

Photos of the Day: A Sultry Hunk

Francois Sagat

Francois Sagat: First Kiss

Photographs of Francois Sagat

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