My Faves for Wednesday, December 12, 2007

“It’s White Out: The Visual Allure of Holiday Snow.” This piece contains beautiful and colorful photographs of holiday snow scenes, presented for you in stunning high-resolution. It also includes an absolutely delightful animation video, entitled “It’s White Out.”

I really hope that you’ll enjoy it!!

[tags: art, design, animation, photographs, video, animation video, Christmas]

“Vintage Photographs: Around the Capital.” This piece presents a number of vintage photographs about the Capital in Washington, D.C. In addition, it displays a delightful photo-gallery of the historic photographs. Finally, it includes an animated video, entitled “Washington.”

I deeply hope that all of you you will enjoy this composition!!

[tags: art, design, photographs, gallery, slideshow, animation, video, animation video]

“Photos of the Day: Nearly Naked.” This composition presents some very colorful photographs of more or less ordinary people who are almost butt-naked. Some are a little bit sexy, but others are just downright hilarious. A wonderful photo-gallery is included.

The photographs are presented for you in wonderful high-resolution. Take a look and enjoy yourselves!!

[tags: art, design, photographs, Nearly Naked, gay, sexy, humor]

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It’s White Out: The Visual Allure of Holiday Snow

It’s White Out: The Visual Allure of Holiday Snow

It’s White Out

Animation by: Jeff Scher

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