My Faves for Tuesday, December 18, 2007

“The Sexy Sister: Art Basel Miami.” The Sexy Sister is in Miami! Art Basel Miami is a six-year-old art fair that drew about 40,000 art collectors and dealers this month. It has become the sexy sister of the Art Basel held in Switzerland, and is now breathlessly described as the world’s largest art fair.

Stunning photographs, a wonderful photo-gallery and videos are included.

[tags: art, design, Art Basel Miami, photographs, gallery, videos]

“Photo of the Day: Desperately Lonely Santa.” This is a stunningly colorful photograph presented for you in high-resolution, although it is also very, very sad. The photograph is accompanied by a touching, heart-warming vintage animated music video (1934), “The Shanty Where Santy Lives.”

I truly hope you’ll take a look at this composition!

[tags: art, design, photograph, Christmas, Santa, music, animation, video]

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