Tom Cruise Madness: The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video

The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video

Many people didn’t get a chance to watch the terrifyingly creepy Tom Cruise video yesterday before the Scientologists yanked it off of YouTube. Cruise has never had a pulpit quite like this one, a video that was apparently meant only for Scientologists. Cruise peppers his speech with Scientology terms such as “SP” (a suppressive person), “PTSPs” (a potential trouble source, influenced by SPs) and “KSW” [Keep Scientology Working] when delivering his message. Well, now The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video that the Scientologists don’t want you to see is back! Now you’re invited to watch it in all its technicolor glory. This is a truly bizarre must-see. Do not pass go without watching this video!

The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video

And Now, The Tom Cruise Scientology Video: The Remix:

Tom Cruise Video Remix: Funnier Than the Real Thing!!

And from an article by Neely Tucker in Friday’s Washington Post:

“Mom!  Tom Cruise is scaring people again!

It’s on the Internet, this promotional video he did for the Church of Scientology.  I guess it’s out there because of this new book by Andrew Morton, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography.  It was on several sites, but then disappeared on some and reappeared on others. posted a cease-and-desist letter it said was sent by attorneys representing the church.  The letter, according to the site, says the “copyrighted” video was stolen from the church, and demands that it be taken down.

In the video, still posted yesterday on Gawker, The Tom is wearing a black turtleneck and talking to an interviewer just off camera–for nine minutes!–about how he wants to help and how he’s met with “leaders” all over the world and how they want his help, and how Scientology is “wild and woolly” and how he doesn’t like people sitting on the sidelines of life, and how he’s “canceled that in my area.”  And he keeps laughing really LOUD and it really doesn’t make any sense and he keeps showing all his teeth and barely blinking and I got really scared but I watched the whole thing even if I didn’t want to, and now I can’t sleep without the light on.”  Interested readers can read the rest of Neely Tucker’s article here.

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167 Responses to “Tom Cruise Madness: The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video”

  1. T Says:

    Man, talk about messed up. He said absolutely nothing. I’ve heard crackheads that were more coherent. If anything this proves exactly how messed up this CULT is.

  2. dannyman Says:

    He is boring.

  3. frmad Says:

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  4. Sister sassy Says:

    Anyone see Rose Mary’s baby? Suri Ron Hubbard??? Yikes!

  5. C Says:

    Strangely I’ve heard very similar things from Christians. (Not the specific anagrams and references, of course, ) but stuff like “we’re the ones with the answers”, “we’re the ones making a difference” and knowing who the chosen ones, followers, disciples, etc., are. We have to go forth and spread the doctrine, etc. It’s all nuts. Every religion/cult/whatever thinks they have all the right answers, the key to saving the world,and what have you.

    Add to that — he’s a total nutbar. The random maniacal laughing doesn’t help.

  6. xtrarant Says:

    This is some super creepy shit right here. Like the Borg with religion.

    The annoyingly looped mission impossible theme makes it even more horrifying. Did they pay for the rights to that theme? I hope they get their pants sued off. 😀

  7. Otis Says:

    For anyone interested, a full transcript can be found:

    (Note to site admin: Feel free to take ths down if it looks too much like spam)

  8. Drew Says:

    No stranger than the claims of every other religion, still amusing as hell though.

  9. bob dobbs Says:

    come on over to the good side tom. the church of subgenius is waiting patiently for you to see the light.

  10. susannahjones Says:

    Does he really stop at each accident he sees to help? How come we’ve never heard, “Yeah…I was in a bad accident, but Tom Cruise came to my rescue?”

    “You’re either in, or you’re out,” Tom.

  11. Michelle Says:

    I do not belong to any type of organized religion, so I am not at all a sympathiser. But why would anyone criticize this man for wanting to make the world a better place. Shit, it is very difficult to find anyone who feels accountable to their neighbors or their neighbors children. What Tom Cruise is saying is what is expressed and taught in most great religions of the world – that to be happy and whole you must be accountable to your brother. Cruises dedication is admirable and those who criticize him with sarcastic remarks are showing their ignorance. And that is sad.

  12. btard Says:

    Wow, he’s really funked up…

  13. S Says:

    He’s not specifically saying (or trying to say) that he will stop at every accident or disaster to give people aid. He seems to be implying that it is when people are in the midst of a crisis that he would interject and bestow the practices of Scientology upon them.

    It is kinda freaky, because it’s pretty hard to get out of Scientology once you are in it and realize what it is. We do have a word for those kinds of organizations…

    Oh, and he sounds like a schizophrenic and doesn’t actually say anything, but just sort of vaguely implies grandiose ideas. It sounds like he is legitimately brainwashed.

    No sarcasm here, folks.

  14. frmad Says:

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  15. Anonymous Female Says:

    WTF did he say?
    I don’t think he actually had a lucid thought in the entire video.
    He sounded like he was on something.

    And this video is suppose to make us want to what?
    Join his cult at the behest of a cult leader want-to-be?
    Folks…. this guy is seriously whacked.

    If he and the people of his cult “know” everything (how to reform criminals, assist world leaders in obtaining world peace, cure mental health and whatever else he claimed), why haven’t they?

    He stated he is “carrying more than his load”…
    Yeah, it’s called shit, Tom and you’re full of it!

    What the poor slob won’t do for a little attention.

  16. Verndroid Says:

    Good Lord!

    Get a grip man! If you can’t say anything remotely understandable about your beliefs then please shut the fuck up.. oh. No. Wait! What am I saying? “Good going Cruise. Keep up the good work”


  17. Emmanuel Says:

    You know Tom and Nicole probably broke up because of his religion.

  18. Thaddeus Gadfly Says:

    I’d like to reply to Michelle’s comment:

    Michelle Says:
    January 15, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    I do not belong to any type of organized religion, so I am not at all a sympathiser. But why would anyone criticize this man for wanting to make the world a better place. Shit, it is very difficult to find anyone who feels accountable to their neighbors or their neighbors children. What Tom Cruise is saying is what is expressed and taught in most great religions of the world – that to be happy and whole you must be accountable to your brother. Cruises dedication is admirable and those who criticize him with sarcastic remarks are showing their ignorance. And that is sad.

    Michelle, you are missing the point. It is not the substance of the message that is being displayed, it is the fact that his transformation into a Scientology being (replacing the original being, as in the movie “the Invasion of The Body Snatchers”) is total and complete to the point of being creepy.


  19. Alecia Ludwick-Jones Says:

    This video give the impression (to me atleast) that he has NO CLUE what that churh is about. Its the same ideas repeated over and over in different ways.

  20. gwslack Says:

    Was he preaching his religion or running for office of some sort? sounded like john kerry a few years ago. alot of cliches thrown around in that mess with no point or meaning to them.
    christians claim to have all the answers too. but at least they try and make a point some time in a conversation. Tom I like your movies but wow you need to give up preaching.

  21. xceptit Says:

    Joe says as Michelle; Tom just helps where ever, when ever, and they call it scientology. Bruce Lee didn’t like to label a thing because it takes you from the root. Why don’t the world that has so much shit to say about Tom, go out there when he is doing something other than hanging around, or playing around and making a movie, and check out what he does. If it’s not in America maybe we’re bitchin about it, I would too. He’s probably throwing a few thousand here and there that nobody’s mentioning. I’m all for Tom, can’t do as much as you can, and get off the name whether they mind or not and just talk your talk and say it’s from your heart which it is.
    stay cool Bro

  22. Christopher Says:

    Thanks for posting this.

    The Scientologists have pulled this video down from YouTube, apparently because it reveals Tom Cruise to be a total and complete whack job.

    I’m sending it out to people to see.

    Again, thanks.

  23. George UK Says:

    a total wingnut. I have run into them elsewhere on wordpress as well. Not Scientology but baptists
    these guys are not just telling you to pluck out an offending eye…they will do it for you.
    i havent figured out if they are satire or not though

  24. tonycole Says:

    Scientology is undoubtedly a religious faith. Those that criticize its looniness are criticizing religion in general – and missing the point. The thing about Scientology is it charges by the hour. It is wedded to the free market. This is the aspect of Scientology which is its most interesting feature. If you believe that the free market wedded to democracy is the fairest and most efficient social system, as Ron Hubbard did, then you sell your product by the hour. That would be the quickest way of getting it into every household. He sold the rights to sell his religion to franchisees all over the world. Like McDonalds.

  25. mothersvea Says:

    He scares me..

  26. freeschool Says:

    Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise Crazy. See Jonathan Coulton’s song about Tom Cruise: … it’s hilarious!

  27. David J. Miller Says:

    Did he say KSW? Did he say Orgs? What are those (their bible?) also he talks of SPs?
    here is from wiki

  28. feww Says:

    Abba [Zionist] Ministries of Canada beats Scientology hands down!

    These dudes want to steal “Christianity” from the Catholic “church!”

  29. psychscribe Says:

    This man has lost his mind.

  30. maddy Says:

    That video made absolutely no sense. Was he drunk? He says that as a Scientologist, there is so much work that must be done yet he didn’t really elaborate on said work. He incoherently oscillates between the drudgery of work and the amount of “fun” that comes along with it. He seemed almost overwhelmed by all of it. Take that vacation, Tom – apparently it’s long overdue.

  31. tomwheldon Says:

    I cant wait to watch this at home and laugh my had off!

  32. TJ Says:

    to respond to Alecia, if you’ve read the scientology materials, that is exactly what it is, the same idea repeated over and over in different ways. His laughter looks random, it seems like he’s laughing at inside jokes, and I didn’t understand half the anagrams but it doesn’t matter it’s all the same thing repeated over and over again anyway. Much like Hubbard’s sci-fi books are the same plot device repeated over and over again.

    Alecia Ludwick-Jones Says:
    January 16, 2008 at 5:24 am

    This video give the impression (to me atleast) that he has NO CLUE what that churh is about. Its the same ideas repeated over and over in different ways.

  33. jemaleddin Says:

    It would appear that what some people are hearing as “LOH technology” is actually “LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) Technology.”

  34. wordnerd Says:

    Holy shit. That’s effed up.

  35. mister mindlove Says:

    you can substitute anything for any other religion there and it makes no difference. This is obviously a very heavily edited video and basing your opinions upon specific snippets is kind of ridiculous. He genuinely wants to help people. Your religion is a private thing.

  36. honestpoet Says:

    This is a cult/religion based on the writings of a former author of B-rated science fiction novels, who was also known as a con-artist before he decided to start his own religion (and charge for it).

    And the writings themselves read like science ficiton: aliens, weird negative psychic particles you need their technology to wash off…what a load.

    I think Tom needs some Lithium.

  37. Ryan McGivern Says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, me-an Irish Catholic…
    But, I think that it is admirable that he wants to help people. That seems to be the underlying motivation. You can hear this type of message coming from all kinds of people- from the left and right and from secular and religious. What I would love to see is the meeting ground between all these folks from Scientologists to Marxists to Liberation theology Christians to see what inroads towards justice can be made. At least trying to establish a non-judgemental inter-faith dialogue (including secular materialists) might prove to be somewhat helpful. I dunno.
    No harm in trying.
    Never Thought I’d Be Sticking Up For Tom Cruise,
    Ryan McGivern

  38. Regina Glass Says:

    I’m frightened…

  39. Tristan Says:

    Thanks for the video. Those that think being a Scientologist is the same as being a Baptist need to read something about Scientology. There are a lot of parallels with Nazism, wrt to military-like organisation, concept of of the superior being (Uebermensch, that only they know how to produce), authoritarianism, secrecy, lack of an ethical standard (except how best to further Scientology) physical and mental intimidation techniques to enforce their beliefs and suppress opposition. They even have a paramilitary org, called the Sea Org and have run their own punishment centers for “disciplinary problems”. When he talks about only they know how to produce a “better” World, the idea is that anything that they can get away with is justified to bring it about. These ideas are not new. Scientology started only a couple of years after Nazism collapsed and it’s philosophy about creating a better World come from similar occult sources that the Nazi ideas about about the Superrace came from. From what I have read Hubbard said a certain percentage of the population will never convert and will have to be gotten rid of somehow. That is one way to create a better world, eliminate those who think diferently and will not follow orders.

  40. Sharfa Says:

    uhhhh, HUH?

    He said nothing?!

    I don’t agree that you could substitute his babblings for any religion. Most religions have actual logic, reasoning and a belief system.

    For all he actually said, he could have been talking about collecting pennies for the March of Dimes and what a great feeling it is helping the world!

    He used to be fairly normal. All he has to do now is start speaking with a British accent and he can live in Brittany’s world.

  41. Wanda Rizzuto Says:

    Thanks for this, I’ve been trying to track it down. I’ll have to bookmark and watch the rest later.

  42. Matipuno Says:

    good lord, what on earth is he talking about ?

  43. nessa1 Says:

    The man has lost his mind. This is a joke right? Its frickin hilarious yet….not. OMG Tom has finally gone in deep space with this. Wat else is next?

  44. Help with Resolutions: Scientology « Persistent Illusion Says:

    […] Though Scientologists have yanked this video from YouTube, awesome techies (like Etc.) have been able to disembed it so you can see what the heck everyone is talking about. Tom Cruise on Scientology […]

  45. honestpoet Says:

    Tristan, excellent points except that I don’t think the Baptists are the best group to contrast with. Down here in the Buckle of the Bible Belt, they use very similar intimidation tactics, except that they use jails and mental-health institutions to keep their kids in line.

  46. Jo Says:

    Hellooo CRAZY! I can remember the days when he used to be sane and… well… ya know… maybe cute? There wasn’t one intelligent, logical thought in that video! His cult should realize a promotional video with “Tom Cruise” would have no draw anymore. Haha.

    Thanks for this, I tried watching it on YouTube and the Scientologist “powers-that-be” had already pulled it off.

    I’d thought he was creepy, but now I’m just scared!

  47. madnessmanifesto Says:

    The Problem With Scientology is that it takes itself far too seriously, can’t take criticism or jokes, and then tries to deny the realities of others, particularly in regards to the experiences of the “mentally ill” population. There was that scientologist guy who did voice-over for South Park who quit when they did a show making fun of Scientology, but he had no problem making fun of Christianity show after show. I have no problem with people trying to help others, but when they become blinded to other truths, and become completely zealous and dogmatic, well, then they are no better than all the other zealots and dogmatists in the world. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Scientolgy has been laying down a lot of “asphalt” lately.

  48. PA Says:

    THE MAN IS CLEARLY USED TO PROMOTE THIS SECTARIAN-MONEY-DRIVEN ORG who, by the way, tend to pray on depress peoples, by meditation ads. Stay away from this sectarian cult if you do not want then to control our life.

  49. nacooper11 Says:

    Double-talk anyone

  50. cafedog Says:

    Tom sounds no different then any person who takes a
    religion or philosophy too seriously.
    its not about about Scientology, Christianity,or even Atheism.
    Its about how wrapped up a person gets in the dogma.

  51. epiphanyblog Says:

    Poor Tom…he’s a nut now. I wonder how Katie REALLY feels about all this!

  52. Dave Says:

    This really comes off as a call to arms to folks in the movement (or considering increasing participation). It’s nice to know that Tom still sticks to his convictions, but the danger is that listed above: for him (and many other scientologists), there is no other path. Believe what I believe or you will be ‘confronted and shattered.’

    Example quotes:

    ‘you’re on board or you’re not on board’

    ‘we are the authority on getting people off drugs’

    ‘we can rehabilitate criminals’

    ‘we’ll read about SPs in the history books’

    Class exercise:

    look up the details (for and against) for each of these claims / thoughts under scientology’s tenets.

    Be sure to consider both: will it help? and will it hurt?

    An example case is: what if I develop schizophrenia? how will I be treated by a scientologist versus a psychiatrist? what are the risks and benefits? how do we know?

  53. Parenthesis Says:

    This is almost as good as most of his movies, that is mediocre.

  54. Not Tom Says:

    Torrent this video.

  55. CaptainGraik Says:

    He’s clearly off his rocker. o.O

  56. Creepy Tom Cruise… « Mark, the Multifarious Modernist Says:

    […] a chance to watch this video on youtube, before it was taken off by Scientologists, but I found a link to somebody who managed to track it down again. It’s a Scientology Indoctrination video, by […]

  57. Tristan Says:

    @Honestpost – I did not choose the comparison to Baptists, someone else did. I’m just saying that people should not confuse their anti-Baptist bigotry with the issues with Scientology. Scientology was found to be an undemocratic. totalitarian system with elements of criminality by German courts. They do more than making teenagers spend a night in jail for getting drunk. If you are unconvinced, maybe you should try protesting at their headquarters in Hemet, California. L. Ron Hubbard said that any means is justified against “suppresive” types.

  58. environmentalchristian Says:

    The comments are hitting closer to the mark. Blindly comparing what he is saying (or whatever he is doing) to all other religions is not the point. Sadly, he obviously has been brainwashed somehow.

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  60. haroldmaude Says:

    I couldn’t even understand most of what he was saying. Either he was mumbling, laughing, whispering or interspersing the coherent sentences with nonsense.

    Look, folks, no matter what faith you follow…it’s usually about the spiritual, not about machines and aliens.

    I can’t believe they actually screened that video at some public event (did you hear the beginning of applause just near the end?)…did anyone understand what they’re saying?

    There are christian cults, buddhist cults, and so forth and so on with crazy ‘leaders’ trying to take over peoples’ lives and minds. But there are no scientology cults; scientology is a cult.

  61. Orlick Says:

    I guess it has to do with having integrity. I like the idea of helping out at a car crash. the maniacal laughing scares me.

  62. tomtech999 Says:


  63. Αποστόλης Says:

    He is stupid…

  64. kevmoore Says:

    this is about as scary as it gets. it proves he must be an incredible actor, because in his movies he seems like a fairly normal guy…in reality, he’s quite a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

  65. copperdots Says:

    As a Christian and as a sentient human, I couldn’t listen to any more of this after minute 6; he has no convincing or even remotely coherent arguments that would cause one to examine his/her belief system and go to whatever a Scientologist ‘church’ service constitutes to be able to compare Scientology to a more established, more logical spiritual belief system. I apologize to the brain cells of mine that I killed watching this crap.

  66. Thaddeus Gadfly Says:

    mister mindlove Says:
    January 16, 2008 at 10:33 am

    you can substitute anything for any other religion there and it makes no difference. This is obviously a very heavily edited video and basing your opinions upon specific snippets is kind of ridiculous. He genuinely wants to help people. Your religion is a private thing.

    It’s one thing to promise salvation, but when a religion requires payments upwards of $500K (Google or Youtube Michael Pattinson), in order to achieve “salvation”, then the religion does not deserve to be private, it must be subject to public, very public, scrutiny.

    That is not criticism, that is, by virtue the fact and for the public good, a fair and reasonable request.


  67. Tom Cruise Scientology video « Reverend Ramona Says:

    […] tell. UPDATE: A blogger on WordPress has the video. Check it out, my people (before it’s gone). My blog better not disappear, […]

  68. Matthew Croyle Says:

    Wow. Leave it to Tom Cruise to create a new reality. What a load. Wow. Just, wow. Creepy.

  69. frozenpoetry Says:

    the first thing that hit me?
    he looks like hes acting. like he did in one of those spoofs one time on some comedy show….. way too animated.
    the scary thing? he would never joke around with scientology. hes one of those that takes both himself, and scientology too serious to ever joke about it. he just lacks the strength and insight too.
    hence, this is him. the real deal.

    and then theres the laughing… *shudders*

  70. blckbtch Says:

    Katie said that she dreamed of marrying Tom Cruise.
    Perhaps she now knows what the “Be careful what you ask for…” quip is all about.

  71. Pema Says:

    I agree with some statements above when they say he shouldn’t be critized for wanting to help and bring about a better world. But, it is frightening when people want to prescribe their version of a better world to the entire population of the world. I think the idea of a “better world” starts within and if we are truly our best selves then an improvement in the world at large will naturally occurr. I don’t know about anyone having the absolute and final answer on what is right and what is helpful.

    I too think he’s lost a little bit of himself through committing to Scientology.

  72. teliczan Says:

    In my book, actions speak louder than words. I guess it was Tom’s “Ruthless Ethics” that drove him to be so “helpful” when Brooke Shields had her problems.

  73. Tom Cruise Scientology Video — Psychy Says:

    […] See the video for yourself here […]

  74. talkrealmoney Says:

    WOW. No words!

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  76. rolandapete Says:

    If they are the leading authorities on rehabilitating criminals, making world peace, and uniting cultures then “Now is the time”, to frigging do it already, Tommy boy! We are waiting.

    So I am listening while I type. Is this a freaking joke? He is whacked. It has to be a joke. If it is not, Tom needs a lobotomy, STAT people.

    Forget Britney, SAVE KATIE!

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  78. Cody Says:

    The party where he’s talking about suppressive persons and how he wonders when he’ll be able to say that they only read about them in history books kind of disturbed me, especially considering the definition of an SP (provided by the first commenter here). Tom Cruise is just really getting weirder and weirder.

  79. dreamgyrl360 Says:

    He’s just rambling. It’s an 8:53 long ramble. About… yes, while I understand what he’s saying, I, from a spiritual standpoint, must say this —
    We as human beings can do NOTHING. The fact that scientology has nothing to do with The Living God (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) shows that ultimately, it will be ineffective.
    First you need a relationship with God and then you need a relationship with Messiah.

  80. nouvellebohemian Says:

    looool thats funny!!!! Great post thanks for sharing

  81. Tom Cruise « Peterson People Says:

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  82. Tristan Says:

    Rolandapete – The catch is we all have to become Scientologists and pay the Church $50K apiece before we can realize the promise of Scientology.

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  85. Stef Says:

    anyone with any shred of decency wants to help people, regardless of their beliefs. I want to help people, and i don’t have to be a Scientologist to do that.

    I have believed for years that Scientology is nothing but a cult. They have Cruise so deep in their grasp and that he believes their BS so completely, he’ll take as many people down with him as he can. Katie, Suri, his adopted kids with Nicole, and anyone else he can dupe into their world.

    I’ve seen the video, and I have more intelligent conversations with the dog. Just what did he say?

  86. coolbeans Says:

    I would love to read this transcribed. Even without the editing, this is amazingly void of any meaning whatsoever.

  87. coolbeans Says:

    …and then I read the comments. JOY is mine. Thanks for posting this.

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  89. Matt Says:

    I don’t know much about Scientology but I wish more people cared about doing helpful things for the world like this. He may seem strange about how he goes about doing it but he means well.

    It’s not nearly as bad as i thougt it would be. It’s not a hate speach or saying that a certain group is in the wrong.. which is what most religions preach.

  90. The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video Video Says:

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  91. Katie Says:

    Wow. That was beyond bizarre. It’s true it seems as though he isn’t really saying anything. And I really wish I knew why he kept cracking up.

    Gotta love that narrator: “Which is why the story of Tom Cruise, Scientologist, has only just begun.”

    The drama of it all.

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  93. stardragon Says:

    He doesn’t even sound like he knows what he’s talking about half the time. He just starts talking and then rabbit-trails very quickly. Some of his ideology is good – like helping people in need – but I don’t think scientologists are the only ones who CAN help people. That smacks too much of other people saying “Our religion is the only one, blah blah blah”. Creepy.

  94. The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video « The Mutt’s Nuts Says:

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  95. neumanndandy Says:

    WHat a moroooooon he is, 10 min of nothing!!!

    By the way, how ironic is that tom cruise played the preacher character in Magnolia…

  96. thingsgodtaughtme Says:

    I just thought I would publish the Christian view here since it was brought up.
    I am one of those Christian nut jobs but with us we trust Christ to help us and its a real power that makes us free from our old man. By trusting Christ we can be good but not by ourselves. We believe that Gods words formed everything and that in order to fix things God put his word back into the mix. He also stepped in as a person and put the sins of the world on Christ and that allows us to be free from satans control as we trust in Christ. Christ never did anything wrong but was treated as tho he did so that legally we who are Christians can be treated as though we never did anything wrong even though we did everything wrong (if you broke one law you broke them all the bible says). Christ legally beat this worlds system. Since he was treated unjustly God got back the rights to people when they put there trust in Jesus and becomeone with himin spirit. His spirit who has legal rights not to be controlled by the current spiritual government can be passed on to us as we trust and we take on a new spiritual boss, a new kingdom. This kingdom is supposed to to have love as the cardinal law. And the Bible says God is love. The other kingdom is based on self and selfishness and is characterized by uncontrollable desires that sometimes defy logic.
    Jesus said very few find the way to life though. Most of you reading this think its crazy just like your spiritual boss wants you to think. Anyway I got as much right to have my say here as anyone else so why not.
    read romans 6 7 and 8 for the nutshell of Christianity.

  97. thewisdomjournal Says:

    It was L. Ron Hubbard that said something like, :If you want to really make a fortune, start a religion.”

    THAT is just what he did. Don’t they think we’re evolved from robots or something strange like that, wait, it’s ALL strange.

  98. Tina Thomsen Says:

    His is out of reach.

  99. Tom Cruise is an Idiot « the atomic punk Says:

    […] Look, Tom Cruise is Being All Nutty Again! […]

  100. nimue Says:

    I had difficulties to understand what he was saying. ( I’m Italian… Italy is a poor country plunged into darkness, with education, surrounded by litter…)… i don’t know who is worst: our politicians ( hacks) … or this indoctrinated mind… UHM

    Our politicians… poor us… we really are in a terrible situation.

    Excuse me for my bad english… it is very difficult to express an idea when you can’t find the words… i would like to say many things, but i can’t fnd the way..

    Have a nice day

  101. thingsgodtaughtme Says:

    Oh ya I forgot, since it was the flesh of man that betrayed God in the garden, God judged sin in the flesh. HE then put Jesus in the disguise of sinful flesh, but never sinned in the flesh. The current spiritual governor treated Christs flesh as though it had sinned. However since Christs flesh had not sinned now the devil was in the wrong big time. He lost his legal rights over everyone who trusts in Christ and becomes one with him in spirit. WE then trust in Christ and this power legally frees us from spiritual bondage to the current spiritual government.

  102. Christianity in a nutshell my response to tom cruises video on scientology « Things God Taught Me Says:

    […] Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. January 16, 2008 at 4:01 pm Oh ya I forgot, since it was the flesh of man that betrayed God in the garden, God judged sin in […]

  103. The Nerd Burger Says:


  104. honestpoet Says:

    Yeah, sorta like “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.”

  105. mikerphilly Says:

    If we’re here to laugh at Tom, or Scientology, then it’s wrong. It we’re here to observe something very unusual and different from what we may already know, then it’s okay. I guess the tenor I take away from this page is that in context, the video is not really all that strange. Tom is not really all that strange. At least he’s still got his passion, and that is more than most of us can say. C’mon, people, we need more tolerance in this world. If there wasn’t something to Scientology, there wouldn’t be so many people involved with it. I don’t know enough to stand in judgement, and I doubt the critics here among us do.

  106. Tristan Says:

    Here’s some artwork from Gottfried Helnwein, from Austria, said to be a top Scientologist, connected to the Scientology Intelligence Org, and who is a famous pop artist living in L.A. For some reason, top Scientologists seem to have an affinity for Nazi themes.

    This one represents Jesus and the three wise men, but Jesus is replaced with a baby Adolf Hitler and the three wise men are SS officers. Mary is teutonic.

    Helnwein out for a jaunt in the Ardennes.

    Some of his images of Children. He is siad to really love kids.

    Helnwein in the Governor’s mansion.

    With a visitor in his studio in LA…

  107. Ben Lee: Friend or Faux? « Nuclear Rays From My Halogen Haze Says:

    […] mean, I guess I should be thankful he’s not a fucking Scientologist, but damn!  John Cusack didn’t need no guru to tell him to date her in Say Anything.  Ben […]

  108. Jocko Says:

    He comes across like an alcoholic in the midst a binge.

  109. I’m Glib « Hetoimazo Says:

    […] I guess the Scientologists yanked this from YouTube, but here’s a link to somebody else who managed to keep the video up and […]

  110. dinzer Says:

    And this so callled free world is supposed to be tolerant.. All this hystery about a man’s “different-then-ours” faith has a name most of you are missing.. it’s called intolerance.
    Of cource every believer of some faith thinks his/her religion or faith is the right one. Otherwise it would be ridiculus to follow such a faith if you don’t believe it’s the right one.

  111. Tristan Says:

    When Cruise talks about shaterring Suppressive Persons (SP’s) this is what it means according to the original “scriptures” of the founder, L. Ron Hubbard:

    In one of his directives, which has come to be known as the “Fair Game Policy,” Hubbard stated: ENEMY – SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

    From the Suppressive Person Defense League

    Hubbard thought SP’s would have to be eliminated to “clear” the planet.

    If the number of members is a mesure of worth of the org, the the Nazi Party must have been great.

  112. Tristan Says:

    This is also good, how Celebrities “shatter” suppression:
    In another directive, expanding on Fair Game “battle tactics” Scientology was to employ against SPs, the good people that the cult victimized and sought to destroy, Hubbard ordered that his Scientologists troops were to raid and harass SPs, to cut off their communications, funds and connections, to deprive them of their political advantages, connections and power, to wage a war of total attrition on SPs and treat all skirmishes with SPs as war, to capture and use their communication lines, to take over their territory, to use standard wartime propaganda against them, to degrade SPs’ images to beast level, to bring public opinion to a frenzy of hate against them, and to go all the way in and obliterate them.

    These shocking and criminal tactics against good people that Scientology targets for victimization and destruction continue to be the cult’s policy and practice to this day.

    SP’s to Scientologists are like Jews were to Nazis, the root cause of all problems and to be “destroyed”.

  113. Marianne Says:

    So what exactly does he know that is so helpful to the rest of us???????

    alot of empty words going in repetitive circles……he can change reality???….does he know what reality is????

    what does he HAVE to do? duh….he just HAS to do it….whatever it is….so you are either in or out…..ok….so now I am enlightened….I think…….

    He needs God and to dump this “you know, whatever, you know this reality, this fight, whatever I mean, whatever I did , I did what I could… whatever it was that I did….”

    this proves the tower of Babel existed….


  114. Tristan Says:

    When Cruise talks about ethics, this is how Hubbard defined ethics:
    According to L. Ron Hubbard, Ethics is defined as “that additional tool necessary to make it possible to apply the technology of Scientology.” Note that this is not the definition used by the rest of the world, so any discussion of this topic between a Scientologist and a non-Scientologist runs the risk of being hindered by dissimilar assumptions of what the actual subject is.

    So, whatever is necessary to further Scientology is ethical. L. Ron Hubbard had a early interest in Satanism and he lived for a while with the most prominent satanist in the US, Jack Parsons, right after WWII and just before he started defining Scientology.

    I believe, Scientology borrowed it’s ethics from Satanism and adds modern light hypnotic and mind control techniques for an enhanced “brain washing” effect, as observed with Tom Cruise in the above video.

  115. Tristan Says:

    More on L. Ron Hubbard’s relationship to Satanism from a article in the London Sunday Times:
    “L Ron Hubbard Jr., ( Ron DeWolf ): I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in the house! Scientology and black magic. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it’s stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don’t see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology — and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works. Also, you’ve got to realize that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan.”

  116. frmad Says:

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  117. honestpoet Says:

    Tristan, that’s a fascinating link, and an excellent post. Thanks!

    I’m a little horrified, I must confess, that there’s a Suppressive Person Defense League. I didn’t realize things had gone far enough to necessitate that. I’d heard of the Church suing and such, but I didn’t realize it was this rampant, or that it was actually part of the doctrine.

  118. alanajoy Says:

    I feel like I’m just watching another one of his movies.
    He’s talking but he’s not really saying much.
    I can almost see him trying to remember what they told him to say.
    Aw poor unitooth cruise.
    For your own sake, I hope one day you get ‘Beamed up’ 😉

  119. jane121 Says:

    People seem to think it’s great that he goes on and on about helping people, but he means helping people as a scientologist and god knows what that is. – he also mentions wanting to instill his ethics into others, so he wants to force his wackjob beliefs on everyone else.

    If you drove past an accident and could be of help wouldn’t everybody stop?

  120. Voice of Reason Says:

    HAHAHA! LOL! BRILLIANT! ***/*****


    And yeah, if this rich bozo was really about CHANGING the WORLD, maybe he would do something about POVERTY or POLLUTION!

  121. Jen Says:

    Did he have a few cocktails to loosen himself up first or is he naturally that incoherent? I’m not a fan of any organized religion, but have no beef with Scientology in particular, but that was as painful as watching some of George W.’s speeches. Dude needs to hire a writer cause he’s not doing his cause much good with that babbling.

  122. Tom Cruise Madness: The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video « Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities Video Says:

    […] added to The Mutt’s Nuts Videos by curmudgeonly_yours This video came from… No Comment Watched It LOL’d Loved It Hated It Tell ’em 0 0 ratings rate […]

  123. dr. gonzo Says:

    So, Tom Cruise thinks he’s a Jedi? Now I know what Scientology is all about. Seriously, delusions of grandeur.

  124. madnessmanifesto Says:

    I loved the part where he sez, “I’d rather have a bottle-infronta-me than a frontal lobotomy.” You have to listen real close, ’cause he kinda mumbles and slurs a bit, but it’s there…I shit-U-not.

  125. Tom Cruise Video « In His Time… Says:

    […] Tom Cruise Video I never really knew much about Scientology before I watched this video today. What do you think about this? Tom Cruise video […]

  126. frmad Says:

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  127. John Q Citizen Says:

    Fascinating to watch and listen to.

    edited from transcript:

    TOM Cruise: “So, for me, it really is KSW, and it’s just like, it’s something that, uh, I don’t mince words with that.”

    You’re right Tom you don’t mince words, instead you make word salad. :p

  128. gwslack Says:

    I just want to say that L.Ron Hubbard was not considered a b rated writer by any means. Believe it or not he wrote one of the greatest sci-fi novels of all time. If you don’t believe me look into it, the novel was Battlefield Earth. Please dont look for the movie it stunk, the book rocked. But that does not make him a deity or savior. Matter of fact when you see a photo of him he has the hanky around the neck thing going on.
    Kinda looks like a writer who has gotten too full of himself. He was his own biggest fan thats for sure. The name scientology is supposed to represent the joining of science and religion. Well that alone tells me its a crock. They are complete and total opposites. One relies on physical proof, the other on beliefs.

  129. Stiletto Says:

    Sounds like most religions to me.

  130. pedroserra Says:

    Well… I was just checking wikipedia – Scientology believes that Psychiatry and psychology are destructive and abusive practices, so maybe that´s why Mr.Cruise is so fucked up… Please, LET HIM HAVE HIS MEDICATION…

  131. RUBBISHCORP® » Blog Archive » CruiseMadness Says:

    […] Here it is. Fucking mentalist. […]

  132. Toledo Says:

    Tom Cruise is the new Hitler. Right now – he is at the ‘message of hope’ stage.

    History repeats itself..

  133. libob Says:

    Mr.Crusie has to much money, and he has an opinion. The truth is he doesn’t know who he is, and this is some thing that he feels he is apart of. So he is voicing what is on his mind, we listen becasue he has money. Not becasue we care. We find some thing amusing about watching stares mentaly crumble.

  134. boobiebob Says:

    Folks…. this guy is seriously whacked.

  135. persimmonsandpeaches Says:

    Creepy Cruise…

  136. Kilroy Says:

    At least he doesn’t use magic underwear like Mitt, who might very well be elected by a plurality of Americans, even though he subscribes to a theology which claims it found its holy book under a barn in Western Pennsylvania.

    It’s no more weird than any other religion. In one sense anything is true if you’re really committed to believe in it. The people snickering in these comments seem pretty confident they have all the answers. Glad I’m not _that_ crazy seems to be the majority sentiment. But turn around and ask yourself what you believe. Do you believe anything at all? It’s hard to justify the simplest belief – even the Golden Rule to which most of us subscribe can be torn to pieces by anyone who doesn’t believe it.

    If what you believe doesn’t make any difference in someone else’s life, does it really matter? Is it significant? Death by nihilism sucks just as bad as death by truism.

  137. HiEv Says:

    Cruise talks about the Scientology “technologies” that he “knows” can help people, but they’re all crazy religious BS with no scientific validation. Here are some examples of Scientology snake-oil “technologies”:

    “We are the authorities in getting people off drugs,” refers to the sham that is Narconon, a scientifically unsupported program that is basically a thinly disguised Scientology recruitment program –
    (See also the links under External Links – Others)

    “We are the authorities on the mind,” refers to Scientology in general, including pseudoscience like the E-Meter –

    “We are the authorities on improving conditions,” includes various thing, such as the Scientology version of that nonsense therapeutic touch, which they call “nerve assist”, which they provided for Hurricane Katrina victims. They could have done so much more for those people who badly needed food, clothing, and housing, but instead they provided phony aura massages people in need so they’d have an opportunity to talk desperate people into their religion and flood them with feel-good pamphlets loaded with Scientology nonsense. These people are vultures taking advantage of tragedy.
    AFP story “Scientology woos displaced hurricane victims” –

    “Criminals, we can rehabilitate criminals,” a blatantly false claim referring to Criminon, which much like Narconon, has no independent scientific support, though that apparently doesn’t stop Scientology from trying to get governments to pay them to rehabilitate criminals –

    “Way to happiness, we can bring peace and unite cultures,” LOL. It refers to the L. Ron Hubbard booklet –

    It’s an amusing claim from a group that put out the “Fair Game” memo saying that basically there was nothing you could do wrong when trying to shut up SPs, including smear campaigns, blackmail, continuous harassment, and even physical threats to you, your family, or friends. All of which they’ve done to people in the past. I guess it’s “Peace through fascism.” For more see –

    Which reminds me of Cruise’s “Get those spectators […] out of the arena” comment in the video. Umm… wasn’t “the arena” a metaphor for the world? If so, what the hell is he suggesting?

    Anyways, the short version is that Scientology’s “technologies” are all nonsense, so they aren’t “authorities” on any of that, they’re just deluded true-believers in their own BS, and anyone who says otherwise is an enemy of the church. Crap like that isn’t going to help anyone, it’s just going to create a new Dark Age with religious dogma followed without regard for objective reality.

    – HiEv, SP and proud of it.

  138. A Video A Day: Tom Cruise and Scientology Says:

    […] have been taken down. However, I’ve found two alternative sources where you can find it: here and here (there’s also a transcript if those videos also get taken […]

  139. Benedict XVI Says:

    Mother Teresa was an SP.

  140. laura Says:

    Wow. That was crazy. I have studies many religions and believe many of them have some really wonderful messages, but I could not even tell what the message was supposed to be here. He said basically nothing, but just babbled and laughed like he was on drugs. It is pretty sad, really. I don’t agree that this represents most religions at all. I believe that everyone should choose their own path, but I don’t think he even knows what Scientology is about because he articulated nothing coherent. It was sad and scary.

  141. yamo Says:

    Sounds like Jesus to me. But consider this: wouldn’t you trade your bank acct for his? Your house for his house? his wife(either one) for your wife? Why not his god for your god?

  142. Lizette Says:

    I really dont see anything wrong in what he is saying! He is talking about peace, equality, helping his fellow man…See thats why I tell people, I walk among the degenerate, self-loathing SP’s Now you know the secret of why everything I do works out so good

  143. Alex Says:

    This happens when you think you know by looking outside of your own self. You copy, resay, rethink what have already been thought but how can something like this be really authentic. I guess, he have good intention tho, but good intention with borrowed understanding of life is dangerous because your being rule by this borrowed knowledge. It fix you, limit you because without it, your lost. With it your still are but at least you think you know, at least you think you have found yourself.

    Whether what you say is right or wrong, if it’s not you who is saying it, what the point. Your just a robot programmed to be good, good from the viewpoint of the programmer.

    But there is nothing fixed, everything change every moments, something good now may not be good the very next moment. That’s why Scientology or all that crap isn’t gonna help shit, you cannot borrow wisdom, only he who face and understand reality by the authentic growing of is own internal fire can know wisdom.

    Tom cruise should learn from real masters, like Eckart tolle and Osho but most of all from is own core, from is own intuition.

    Anyway this is my opinion, it’s kinda sad that people who want to do good like him become twisted by those mind rulers.

    Alex aka DJ Sinaë

  144. me Says:

    This guy needs help. Unfortunately Scientology fights against the persons who could make his brain work again.

  145. Tom Cruise Madness: The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video Says:

    […] Kristy Pruitt wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptMany people didn’t get a chance to watch the terrifyingly creepy Tom Cruise video yesterday before the Scientologists yanked it off of YouTube. Well, I’ve managed to get my hands on a copy of The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination … […]

  146. Noelle Says:

    Hey, those who say we’re criticizing “religion,” do a quick search on google for Scientology. Start here (the 5th link down, was 2nd when I originally came upon the site.)

    A friend’s father was a former detective hired by Scientology for MANY years. He was a bad person, and did a lot of really horrible things to people, specifically those who either tried to leave Scientology or who were critics of it.

    I’m a Christian, and Islam=faith, Buddhism=faith, Mormonism=faith, whether I agree or not. Scientology=cult/business enterprise that extorts $ from it’s members

  147. Cacafuego Says:

    Scientology is a religion for people with a) mental illnesses they don’t want to acknowledge/treat, such as depression, schizophrenia & bipolar disorder; b)more money than sense; and c) aren’t as smart as they think they are (narcissists). They also loathe homosexuals, and Hubbard advocated the true “cure” for lesbianism was rape (interestingly, Hubbard’s mom was a lesbian), so I suspect a lot of self-loathing gays are attracted to it as well (*koff* Cruise*koff* Travolta**)

    As for Hubbard being a B-rated SF writer–I would rank him far lower on the alphabet than that. His fiction was inferior to that of Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Bester, Dick, etc.
    That’s why he started his stupid religion in the first place–he couldn’t cut it as a writer anymore.

    I consider Scientology to be on the same level as faith healers who coerce diabetics to throw away their insulin, except in their case they’re telling the CO$ faithful to throw away their anti-depressants and Haldol. There’s no hell hot enough for ’em.

  148. John Gannon Says:

    They pay him 443,607 tabs per day to talk muslim…


    .. meant sheeeeite

  149. Tom Cruise Madness: The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video « Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities « The Journey of Travis Says:

    […] Tom Cruise Madness: The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video « Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities Tom Cruise Madness: The Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video « Et Cetera: Publick and Privat… […]

  150. Patrick Says:

    This is what you might call a CLM (Career Limiting Move).

  151. Cheetah63 Says:

    What the hell did he (TC the SP) say? Does he know? Does anyone know? Wow. That was just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that made no sense.

  152. Sarah Says:

    HE is slooowwwww.

  153. Ana Says:

    Get well Tom. Good luck.

  154. “Hey, Mister Rabbit, don’t eat those apples.” « cool beans Says:

    […] February 3, 2008 Tom Cruise says it best when he says nothing at all. Or when he uses sound effects. I’m sure you’ve come across this already, but in case not, click this link to Tom Cruise talking about Scientology. […]

  155. Must Adjust! « cool beans Says:

    […] or pissed off. But I got nuthin’. All I can tell you is that I have watched that “Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise, Scientologist” video no less than two dozen times. When he gets all excited and lifts himself out of his […]

  156. Christy Says:



  157. Christy Says:


  158. HiEv Says:

    Hey Christy, stop shouting ignorant nonsense (ALL CAPS = shouting). Atheists do not “set out to prove [God] does not exist” because you can’t prove a negative with such a large search space. Atheists simply don’t believe in gods, it’s up to you to prove that they do. Furthermore it’s a complete lie that all atheists become believers in Christ. If you’d turn on your brain for a moment you’d realize that some atheists have never encountered the Christian religion before they died, so it’s obviously false that they all became Christians. Furthermore, there are plenty of atheists that have died atheists, and to believe otherwise is to bury your head in the sand.

    As for Scientology, don’t fool yourself. It’s both a cult AND a religion. They believe many things purely on blind faith, the same as you do, and until they open their minds to the facts that dispute their beliefs they won’t be able to see the flaws in their beliefs. Oh, and most stars DO NOT become Scientologists, they simply flaunt their celebrities to attract more customers *cough*, I mean followers.

    Finally, if you think Christianity doesn’t give some people a “bigger head” then I think you need to look at all of the “holier than thou” preachers and such who make themselves out to be saints chosen by God or God’s right hand on Earth (often followed a few years later by some huge sex scandal or the like.) It’s hard to have a much more swelled ego than that.

  159. Marianne Says:

    I think I will just stick with Jesus. He makes more sense than Tom Cruise.


  160. Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video transcript | Rapid Eye Reality Says:

    […] as a cure for an hour of boredom), I threw on my Bose headphones and transcribed the video as seen HERE. While I have done my best to reproduce the video in its entirety, I’m sure I’ve missed […]

  161. Matipuno Says:

    hehehe now i get it! magic mushrooms!

    = )

  162. darren Says:

    Why can’t he go on vacation? I didn’t get it.

  163. erin...c Says:

    i had questions when i was hearing what was said (and not said) but overall would have to agree that we are in this world to help “our fellow brother or sister,” I dont think any one can say they”never needed any ones help in any way” with the exceptions of the beatles. ( thats a joke btw for morons that are totally clueless) every one has their own beliefs and scense of right and wrong. its the idiots in the world that dont take any stand at all that may benifit from just a small amount of curiosity about our purpose here….duh

  164. Gus Says:

    To the one’s here who speak of religion as a spiritual guide, do not be mislead, Religion was instilled as a weapon of supression and is as far away from being spiritual as you can get. By professing to beleive in only ONE god and serving ONE god only serves to restrict the soul enslave the mind of anyone who believes. It’s time to take responsibilty for ourselves, there is no god to save you, if there were, why would he let millions of innocent children starve to death? why would he let people blow each other up in his name? If he is the creator of all things don’t you think he would try and stop us destroying his creations?

    He won’t because there is no god there is no saviour only we can save ourselves by turning our back’s on ALL religions and start living for ourselves.


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