The Megalomaniacal Matt Drudge Endangered Prince Harry’s Life

Matt Drudge Causes Abrupt Withdrawal of Prince Harry from Afghanistan

This morning, Prince Harry was quickly sent back to England from Afghanistan. While his commanders have mostly chosen to blame the “foreign media” in general, it’s very clear to everyone that it was really The Drudge Report that created the tremendous security risk for Prince Harry, as well as for the others who were serving in his military unit.

The megalomaniacal Matt Drudge had boastfully unveiled a self-congratulatory double-decker banner on Thursday, but by today British newspapers have raised many questions about what Drudge did, such as: Why did he blow Harry’s cover? Would he have done the same if it were the children of President Bush or Senator Hillary Clinton? What took him so long? (The secret had been kept safe for 10 weeks).

Neil Wallis, Executive Editor of News of the World, slammed Mr. Drudge for the “cheap shot,” considering all the publications that did obey the embargo, including his own. “Any number of newspapers or broadcasters in this country could have claimed that as far back as December,” he said.

Prince Harry Returning Home for Security Reasons

Interested viewers can read more about how Drudge’s actions endangered Prince Harry’s life in The New York Times, here.

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We Are The Ones: Obama, Obama!!

A Generation Reclaims Their Country has released a wonderful new celebrity-filled music video in support of Barack Obama, featuring appearances by Ryan Phillippe, Jon Leguizamo, Jessica Alba, George Lopez, and others. This one’s just as moving as the last, but with Ryan Phillippe in it, you just couldn’t ask for more!! The video, entitled We Are The Ones, is presented for you below:

We Are The Ones: Obama, Obama

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Ellen DeGeneres Speaks about the Killing of Larry King

Fellow Students at Larry King’s Memorial Service in Port Hueneme, California

Larry King’s memorial service was attended by more than 500 people in Port Hueneme, California. The service drew a diverse group of mourners who said that the killing had touched them deeply. Several students wore buttons bearing his picture. Lawrence “Larry” King was remembered Friday as a sensitive child, who on one recent Christmas helped his mother crochet hundreds of scarves so that U.S. troops in Afghanistan wouldn’t be without a holiday gift. “God knit Larry together and made him wonderfully complex,” the Rev. Dan Birchfield of Westminster Presbyterian Church told the crowd as he stood in front of a large photograph of the victim. “Larry was a masterpiece.”

The memorial service was a somber hourlong reflection on King’s life as a boy growing up in and around Oxnard, California. It was also a chance for his family, seated in a front row of Westminster Presbyterian Church, to offer a fuller portrait of the boy. King came to the public’s attention in the days after the classroom killing when it was revealed that another boy had targeted him after a falling out between the two about King’s sexual orientation.

The shooting has stunned residents of Oxnard, a laid-back middle-class beach community just north of Malibu. It has also drawn a strong reaction from gay and civil rights groups.

Ellen DeGeneres Speaks about the Killing of Larry King

Be a Voice Against Violence

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American Man of Letters William F. Buckley, Jr., Dies at 82

William F. Buckley, Jr., 1925-2008

William F. Buckley Jr., who deployed a refined, astute mind to elevate classical conservatism to the center of American political discourse, passed away on Wednesday at his home in Stamford, Connecticut at the age of 82. In 1955, Mr. Buckley founded the most influential conservative magazine, The National Review, and later hosted one of television’s longest-running programs, Firing Line. He also found the time to write more than 45 books, ranging from sailing odysseys to spy novels to celebrations of his own dashing daily life, and to edit five more.

Mr. Buckley’s greatest achievement was in creating a form of conservatism that was not simply electoral Republicanism, but rather conservatism as a system of ideas. The persuasiveness of his arguments rested upon his constant preoccupations with what he believed was best for the national interest and his emphasis upon the need for a higher morality. He rose to prominence during a period in American history when there was a whole generation of talented writers who were fascinated by political themes, authors such as Norman Mailer, Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, William Styron and James Baldwin. Like them, he attracted controversy like a magnet.

Throughout his life, Buckley had a robust reputation as a man who just loved to engage in good arguments, especially, of course, when he won. And many of his adversaries found that they were no match for his razor-sharp, sardonic wit. In 1967, one of his enemies wrote, “Mr. Buckley, you are the mouthpiece of that evil rabble that depends on fraud, perjury, dirty tricks, anything at all that suits their purposes. I would trust a snake before I would trust you or anybody you support.” To which Buckley responded, “What would you do if I supported the snake?

People of all political persuasions came to view his life and escapades as a kind of art form, from his racing through New York City streets on a motorcycle, to his then startling opinions like favoring the decriminalization of marijuana. In 1965, Mr. Buckley made an exceedingly unrealistic run for mayor of New York. When asked what he would do if he won, he answered, “Demand a recount.” He ended up receiving about 13% of the popular vote. He always carried himself with a clever aura of pure mischief and was often described as the liberals’ favorite conservative.

In his last years, when honors like the Presidential Medal of Freedom had begun to come his way, Mr. Buckley began to wind down his frenetic schedule of writing and public speeches. Nevertheless, even in those times, Mr. Buckley re-emerged in 2006 to command wide attention by publishing an article in Commentary Magazine that boldly criticized the war in Iraq as a dismal failure. “One can’t doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed,” he wrote, “…Our mission has failed because Iraqi animosities have proved uncontainable by an invading army of 130,000 Americans. The great human reserves that call for civil life haven’t proved strong enough.”

Buckley Calls The Iraq War a Failure

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And to You Whoopi Goldberg, Bravo!!

As most people probably know by now, Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony featured many montages, one of which was described as a “montage of Oscar hosts” when it was introduced by George Clooney. The retrospective montage of past hosts included a moment of almost every host in the show’s history. But there was one host who was not included in that montage, the 4-time host and Academy Awards winner Whoopi Goldberg.

On Monday’s airing of the ABC television program The View, the subject was discussed ad nauseam by the “chatting-heads”, and Whoopi’s feelings of disappointment about the omission were abundantly and painfully clear. The other co-hosts spoke of Whoopi’s many historical milestones related to the ceremony: she was the first female Oscar host, the first Oscar winner to host, and only the second African-American woman to ever win an Oscar. Up until now, most writers about that particular program have described it simply in terms of how displeased the co-hosts were with the slight.

However, there is a different, possibly more plausible perspective on what actually took place Monday on The View. Consider that not only does Whoopi have to suffer the daily indignity of being reduced to just another “chatting-head” on The View, but also that her co-hosts insisted upon going on and on, in front of millions of American people, rubbing in the fact that the Oscar winning actress and Oscar hosting actress had not been shown in one of the montages on Sunday night. Dumb and dumberer Elisabeth Hasselbeck babbled on and on about how it must feel so terrible to be so slighted. Placing a cherry atop the poison pudding, the ever-duplicitous Barbara Walters unwittingly asserted that nothing Whoopi had ever done at the Oscars was really a Great Moment.

Whoopi just sat there, looking unbelievably miserable, trying to collect the remaining shards of her dignity that were being scattered around the set. When the others just wouldn’t stop, Whoopi quietly got up and gave each of them “the kiss of death” just to shut their mouths, briefly weeping when she got behind Barbara Walters.

Update: On Tuesday, the producer of the Oscar awards show apologized to Whoopi for leaving her out. The View should be interesting to watch tomorrow.

George Clooney: The Oscar Montage of Hosts

The View: Sadly Embarrassing Moments

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Obama Supporters’ Amazing, Interactive Video: HOPE.ACT.CHANGE.

There is a new remarkable, interactive music video created by community-based Obama supporters from all over the country.  It’s called HOPE.ACT.CHANGE.  When you view it, roll your mouse over the images.  To view the video, and participate if you wish, please go here.

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Payback is Fun: Now Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck Play Around!!

We all remember that last month Sarah Silverman presented what was one of the funniest videos ever to her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel, on his television show. Silverman got Matt Damon to sing and dance in the music video. In the video, Matt Damon got even for all of Kimmel’s past jabs at him, where at the end of a show Kimmel would say, “Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.” The video had Sarah Silverman doing unspeakable things with Matt. It was a very, very funny piece.

Jimmy Kimmel swore that he was going to get even with Silverman for that, and he has in a big, big way!! Kimmel has just announced to the whole world that he’s in love with Ben Affleck. Immediately after the Oscars show on Sunday night, Kimmel fired back with his truly blockbuster effort called “I’m F***king Ben Affleck,” with appearances from celebrities that included: Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Don Cheadle, Robin Williams, Huey Lewis, Rebecca Romijn, Macy Gray, Pete Wentz, Dominic Monaghan, Joel and Benji Madden, Josh Groban, Christina Applegate, Meat Loaf, Perry Farrell, Lance Bass, Joan Jett and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. (And just what was Josh Groban doin’ showing up here?? Also, he was sitting with Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars…Hmmmm…) In addition, Brad Pitt makes an appearance as the birthday cake delivery man, and there’s a full gospel choir singing something along the lines of We are the World. This one ends up being a true epic, a real hoot!!

Despite Kimmel’s very public declaration of his love for Affleck, Kimmel’s girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, swears that she’s not at all jealous. Silverman said, “I suspected Jimmy was on the down low for a long time now. I wish I could say I was surprised by this.”

Now, Jimmy Kimmel’s F***king Ben Affleck!!

You can view the Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon video here.

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