Faith in Texas: A Gratitude for Obama

Barack Obama Campaigning in Houston, Texas

Huge crowds have continued to show up to attend Barack Obama’s campaign appearances all across Texas. On Tuesday, he spoke to a crowd of more than 16,000 people at a Houston rally. In Dallas yesterday, 17,000 excited Obama supporters thronged into the city’s Reunion Arena, eagerly cheering Obama’s speech, clearly fired up about his themes of hope, change and unity. They were reported to have been uplifted and exhilarated by his call to finally take America beyond the debilitating war in Iraq, as well as to overcome the old guard’s established divisions based upon culture, religion and race.

Obama has been conducting his strong campaign from from the ground-up, rather than by the old guard’s usual top-down campaign operations. He has campaign sites distributed all over the state, including many in quite remote, often overlooked locations. They are attracting voters who are African-American, white and Hispanic, people of all ages and walks of life. Deanie Mills writes in today’s Huffington Post, “If Obama wins the Texas Two-Step, it will be not only because he knew how to dance, but because he didn’t just go out on the floor with the prom queen. He reached out his hand to all those people standing around in the shadows, listening to the music, and wondering how it would feel to be a part of it all.”

Tonight, Senator Obama will participate in a televised debate with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Austin, Texas.

Faith in Texas: A Gratitude for Obama

Music: Josh Groban/Don’t Give Up, You Are Loved

Barack Obama: Change We Can Believe In

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