Obama: Still Ready for America’s Next Great Chapter

After Hillary Clinton had put together a humiliating primary and caucus losing streak that stretched to her last twelve contests against Barack Obama, she managed to rebound on Tuesday night with wins in Ohio, Rhode Island and the Texas primary. Nevertheless, Obama picked up two more wins, with a victory in the Vermont primary and what currently appears to be a win in the Texas post-primary caucuses. Most political observers believe that Clinton will probably lose the next two contests, in Wyoming next Saturday and Mississippi on Tuesday.

Even after Clinton’s wins on Tuesday, Obama felt that the night had been a successful one for his supporters. “No matter what happens tonight, we have nearly the same delegate lead as we did this morning,” he told a crowd outside the imposing Municipal Auditorium, down the block from the Alamo. “And we are on our way to winning this nomination.” Despite the losses on Tuesday, Obama still leads in the national popular vote and has also won more states than Clinton has nationwide to date.

Obama: Turning the Page

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