Secrets Even Forbes Don’t Know: Turn Your Site into a Pot of Gold!!

We Can Turn Your Website into a Huge Glittering Pot of Gold!!

Many ordinary people today operate their own websites, and growing numbers of even very humble folks like you and us is trying to use the world-wide popularity of the internet as a trail to finally hitting the big cash bonanza, like hitting an oil gusher or a prospector striking gold in the olden days of yore. But this means knowing how to make a website that can sell your products or services.

Now, one thing is for sure, and yes indeedy we do mean absolutely, your success will depend on how many “hits” or much traffic your website manages to haul in. Yup, it’s something like goin’ fishing, but we’re not trawling in our little back-country pond no more. Nope, today it’s turned itself into a great big huge ocean! So nowadays, there’s just no point to having a website no-one ever visits. The big question is how can you grab lots of that traffic away from the millions of other bigger and “slicker” sites out there, just circling us around like a school of barracudas?

Well, one of the best “grabbers” is get some movies or videos on your little website. Videos have made a goodly increase in popularity, and using videos on your own website will for sure get more people to look at it, even to admire it. But for goodness sakes, don’t try to promote your website by using videos that have been produced by them city-slicker professionals that force the “hard sell” or try to shove your product into buyers’ faces. The real trick is to be a lot less obvious. And we mean a lot, lot less. Downright “homey,” is what we say. Take a gander here at what a goodly piece of work we’ve done put together. Now we sure enough can make a slam-bang, “homey” movie or video for your website too! For you, the “homiest” videos such as that nobody’s ever seen before! And then Boom!! The big payoff, that huge pot of glittering gold at the end of the yon rainbow, it just might well be right around the next bend in the old country road!!

Yer Friends, Sharon and Fred

Sharon and Fred Make Movies and Videos

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The Spectacular Chinese State Circus: Swan Lake

The Amazing Chinese State Circus Performs Swan Lake

The Chinese State Circus is said to have a history that goes back 2,500 years. More than just your usual circus act, The Chinese State Circus is a two-hour extravaganza offering a parade of kung fu, aerial bungee trapeze artists, back flipping acrobats, knotted contortionists, spiraling gymnasts, plate spinning unicyclists and breathtaking pole jumpers. Performers juggle giant china urns from head to head, juggle hats, spin plates, balance trays of wine glasses and fling themselves through the air, catapulted from springboards.

And if that wasn’t enough there’s a breath-taking aerial bungee routine, a Guinness World Record of 14 girls on one bicycle, plus an extravagant, luscious set and a costumed performance of the Lion Dance. All of this has brought the Chinese troupe a host of national and international awards, including top honors in Monte Carlo and Moscow.

The Chinese State Circus rendition of Swan Lake is the breathtaking realization of a brilliant idea. This acrobatic version of Tschaikowsky’s classic ballet is a hymn to the human body, a sensational show that reveals how circus can sometimes be more than circus and how ballet can acquire a whole new dimension. The production includes 100 acrobats and dancers, with dazzling costumes and enthralling stage settings. Reviewers have stated that this celebration of power, poetry and perfection sets completely new standards.

The Chinese State Circus: Swan Lake

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