Barack Obama Speaks About Race

“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.”

Senator Barack Obama spoke on Tuesday morning at Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, about matters of race and the fundamental path by which America can work together to pursue a better future. During that speech, Senator Obama often touched upon the theme of both African-American and white racial grievances. Obama had been determined to deliver a speech about race from the beginning of the campaign. However, it was the confluence of last week’s Ferraro and Wright stories, and after he’d been peppered with questions on the Friday night cable rounds about how the pastor’s inflammatory rhetoric squared with his message of unification, that he told his senior aides, “I’m going to give the speech.” The candidate’s wife, Michelle Obama, sat in the front row during the speech. She was very emotional and could be seen crying backstage after the speech was over, given the personally touching subject matter of her husband’s speech.

The video of Obama’s speech is presented below:

A Listener Tears Up During Barack Obama’s Speech

Barack Obama Speaks about Race

The New York Times has published the full text of Obama’s speech here.

Senator Obama’s speech has received glowing reviews by Jodi Cantor and Janny Scott in The New York Times, by Courtland Milloy in The Washington Post, by Jonathan Cohn in The New Republic, by David Corn in Mother Jones and by Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic.

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  1. citizenwells Says:

    “And the notion that somehow it’s cute or amusing, or a useful diversion, I think, is something that all of us have to recognize is just not the case. We all have First Amendment rights. And I am a constitutional lawyer and strongly believe in free speech, but as a culture, we really have to do some soul-searching to think about what kind of toxic information are we feeding our kids,”

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