Watch Obama Girl’s New Production: It’s Become a National Civic Duty!!

She’s baackkk…!! For all one knows, Obama Girl might well be feeling a bit jealous right now of a certain something she ain’t got–the sultry sexiness of Governor Bill Richardson’s beard, which maybe got a little too close to Obama last week. At any rate, our capricious Obama Girl has returned to thrill America’s political stoners and peeping toms with her latest music video, once again proclaiming herself to be Barack Obama’s most devoted fan (and garbed in the least clothing). In this episode, Obama Girl assumes a plaintiff tone, pleading with Hillary to stop the harmful and damaging campaign tactics that are aimed at Obama (of course, the hurtful campaign strategies are so totally all Clinton), and to join forces with her and Obama in working to uniting the party.

Following this segment there are some silly, maybe even slapstick moments, but I won’t play the spoiler here. In addition, there are some pretty shameless lyrics calling upon some fairly strong political arguments that range from from delegate math to Dukakis (“These attacks are insane/They just help John McCain“).

Clearly, Obama Girl firmly believes that the destiny of the Democratic party now rests in her hands! Hmmm…but we need to try and figure out whether “her” refers to Hillary or Obama Girl. In any event, we need to exercise our democratic right to watch this video. Actually, at this point in the campaign, and in Obama Girl’s public career, it’s more like a civic responsibility or a national political obligation.

Hillary! Stop the Attacks!!

And now, Obama Girl, go and get your binoculars…here’s Barack chilling out at the beach!!

Barack Loosening Up: By the Blue Lagoon

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