As Lemmings to the Sea: Drowned in Sound

As Lemmings to the Sea: Drowned in Sound

Glosoli, by the avant-garde Icelandic band Sigur Ros, has received widespread acclaim for both its music and the highly artistic cinematographic music video.  The video consists of a group of Icelandic children migrating towards an unknown destination somewhere in Iceland.  Led by a drummer-boy, the children travel through a land characterized by open fields and rocky hills, all the while picking up more and more children.  The group then falls asleep, the video entering a dream-like state signified by a change in hue.  The music reaches its pinnacle at the end when the children finally reach a large hill and the leader starts beating his drum feverishly. As the song climaxes, the children start to run full speed up the hill.   It is then that the hill is shown to be in fact a cliff, coming to an end at the ocean.  When the children eventually reach the edge of the cliff, they jump off and swim through the air.  The video contains an ambiguous conclusion, when the last and youngest child is shown to be hesitant to jump off the cliff, but ends up taking a reluctant leap.

Sigur Ros: Glosoli

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  1. Alastair James Berry Says:

    Wow…..It leaves me sweating and my heart pounding!!

    It is curiously appealing all the same!!

  2. Apple is Not Fruit » As Lemmings to the Sea: Drowning in Amazing Sound Says:

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