Flamenco Fever: Still Loaf with Guitar

Flamenco Fever: Still Loaf with Guitar

Still Loaf with Guitar is a playful experiment in color perception. It begins as a still painting of a loaf of bread with a guitar on it, as in a classical composition. But then it becomes an animated work, painted in these rapid sequences of collisions that mix color and time, in a way that can really tax the eye. The animated still life goes into interesting directions and places, going from really dark to really bright, creating colors that really don’t exist in nature at all, that only exist in this percussive cinematic universe. A whole new language is created, an optical music of colors. And then, as it ends it once again becomes the still painting of the guitar on a loaf of bread.

Flamenco Fever: Still Loaf with Guitar

Animation by: Jeff Scher

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