Publicity Monger Dr. Phil Bails Violent Teen

One of the girls charged in the vicious beating of a classmate was bailed out of a Florida jail by television talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw, the show confirmed in a statement on Saturday. Dr. Phil’s spokeswoman Terri Corigliano confirmed that the show’s producers were in the process of booking guests for a program about the case. The talk show host allegedly posted bond, which was set at $33,000, for one of the eight teens that was arrested for severely beating another teenager in Florida. The highly publicized case has been in the news for over a week now, and Dr. Phil must have wanted some of that action. Apparently Dr. Phil didn’t learn anything from his interference with Britney Spears.

Mercades Nichols, one of eight teens charged in the brutal attack, which was videotaped and has now been viewed widely on national television and the internet, was bailed out by a representative of the show on Friday night, according to a report from The Dr. Phil representative was waiting by the jail’s exit, and when Nichols walked out, he tried to block Tampa TV station camera people from getting video of Nichols and her family leaving jail.

The beefy producer ran a humiliating gantlet of news cameras as he led Nichols and relatives out of the court. “We have exclusivity,” the hulking flunky told reporters who unsuccessfully tried to question the teen. A reporter from one CBS-affiliated TV station insisted that she should get an interview because her station runs the “Dr. Phil” show.

As news of Dr. Phil’s involvement quickly spread across the internet, Dr. Phil quickly issued a statement that attempted to backpedal and save face. In the statement later on Saturday, the Dr. Phil show said that bailing the girl out of jail was a violation of the show’s rules, and that the show would no longer go forward with the girl’s story. “In this case, certain staff members went beyond our guidelines (re the bail being paid). These staff members have been spoken to and our policies reiterated. In addition, we have decided not to go forward with the story as our guidelines have been compromised,” the statement read.

Dr. Phil Bails Girl Charged in Brutal Florida Attack

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3 Responses to “Publicity Monger Dr. Phil Bails Violent Teen”

  1. rationalpsychic Says:

    I wish this was shocking. It should be, on two fronts: that Dr. Phil would bail this kid out and, subsequently, expect those of average intelligence and above to believe that “employees” of his show scraped together $33,000 (or even 10% of that) to post bond without someone in authority authorizing the money. Secondly, I wonder if I, as the girl’s parent, would allow my kid out after a brutal attack. A major act like this calls for major, real-life consequences. I believe none of my kids would act so violently but, if they did, I hope I would have the guts to let them take the fall.

  2. Pam Triick Says:

    Dr. Phil just keeps adding to the list of why I can’t stand him. As stated by ration, I too would hope that if my kids ever did anything like this I would have the guts to let them fall. One thing I know I wouldn’t do is make excuses for them like Mercades mom did for her.

  3. Joseph K Says:

    How anyone could sympathize with any of the teens who attacked that girl is beyond me. Furthermore, I can’t even begin to comprehend why anyone would bail this child out of jail so she can be free after what she did. In this case, it’s difficult for me to separate the person from the crime; especially after watching the video. Saying that the producer in question has been “talked to” for compromising guidelines which have been “reiterated” is a joke. Why not tell everyone that you slapped the producer on the wrist and are trying to put this mess behind you? One more reason for me to not like Dr. Phil. While I agree with his direct approach to resolving the issues plaguing his guests, I also feel that he comes across as too harsh and, at times, downright cold. If this were my child that did this, I, too, would hope I was able to gather the courage to let her face the consequences of her actions. I do know that there are no excuses for what she did and I wouldn’t try to find any. I understand that’s her daughter but what’s right is right…

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