2 Responses to “Reflections of a Rare Bird”

  1. Dr X Says:

    I have the vague recollection that I read this a couple of years back, but I’m not sure why. Most of it is unfamiliar to me.

    Anyway, it’s very interesting. A non-psychologist friend of mine was in analysis with Hoffman and he (my friend) discussed it with me a little. I should say he told me about it a little… I don’t ever comment on anyone’s analysis or therapy unless they’re seeing a Dr. Phil and I feel a deep moral obligation to get them the hell out of it.

    It was interesting to read Hoffman’s very candid comments about Manny and it brought to mind a particular story my friend told me. Alas, it’s so particular I couldn’t tell it here without exposing him.

  2. alexandra Says:

    i’ll never forget you

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