John Edwards Endorses Barack Obama for President

John Edwards Endorses Barack Obama for President

John Edwards, the former North Carolina Senator who bowed out of the presidential race last January, endorsed Senator Barack Obama at a rally that was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Wednesday night, May 14th. Officials announced the news shortly after Obama landed in Grand Rapids late Wednesday afternoon.

Barack Obama’s campaign is hoping that it will be a big step toward the party’s coalescing around Senator Obama as the Democratic nominee. The endorsement has ended many months of speculation about Mr. Edwards’s preference in the Democratic nominating contest, during most of which he generally stayed silent and remained close to home in Chapel Hill (NC).

In his endorsement, Mr. Edwards voiced a theme of a nation that is presently divided, torn into parts by walls. He then went on to say “The reason I am here tonight is that Democratic voters in America have made their choice and so have I.” Edwards concluded by declaring, “There is one man who knows in his heart that it is time to tear down that wall and make one America, Barack Obama.”

John Edwards’ Endorsement Speech

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