Karis is Filthy Gorgeous!

Philips Shavers has recently received some congratulations for its thoughtful ad for women’s shavers that stars a Los Angeles male dancer named Karis.  The short advertisement was a break from the ad world’s normal “girlie-men are funny ha, ha, ha” slant.  In a recent interview, Karis was asked about how she identified herself.  Kari replied that, “I’m so comfortable being myself, I’ve just never questioned.  I love the whole androgyny thing, though, if that’s even a category.”  Asked about the ad, Karis said that, “It’s a shame it’ll never air in the States, but thank god for the internet.” Among other performances, Karis previously appeared as the frisky on-stage “hula-hoop dancer” in the Scissor Sisters’ raucus Filthy Gorgeous music video.

Karis: Philips Razer Commercial

Karis Hula-Hoops: The Scissor Sisters’ Filthy Gorgeous

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One Response to “Karis is Filthy Gorgeous!”

  1. Travis McKinnon from Seattle Says:

    I saw you in the dance video, then Google’s you….you intrigue me…wished I knew you 🙂

    Travis McKinnon, Gay dude,,,,of course
    Seattle, WA

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