Take My Hand: David Archuleta Sings Imagine

For his last song in The American Idol Finals last night, David Archuleta sang an amazing, stunning version of John Lennon’s Imagine. Just how can a teenager, a young person who’s only 17-years-old, sing like this? For me, toward the end of the video was extremely heart-touching, when you actually can witness what a truly shy lad Archuleta is, especially when his eyes began to tear up as the judges, one by one, heaped their praises upon him. In addition to possessing such rare talent, David Archuleta seems to be one very fine young man.

American Idol Finalist David Archuleta Sings Imagine

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2 Responses to “Take My Hand: David Archuleta Sings Imagine”

  1. Monica Says:

    OMG ! His performances were AWSOME !!!!! I love David Archuleta soooo much !! I was sooo sad when he lost ( I was About to cryy ! ) Well, hope he will sell some records cuz i’m gonna buy ’em !!!!
    I’m his biggest fan !!! Byeeee ❤

  2. alexsandra Says:

    all you people that say you hate him have
    SERIOUS issues. and you should go play in traffic.
    seriouslyyy hahah:P!
    if you love him too talk too meee:D

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