Women in Film: The Wish for Recognition

This piece is a counterpoint to the composition that I published yesterday about Men in Film. There are times when the need to be noticed, or rather to be recognized by another, comes to the forefront of our strivings. It is remarkable how astonishingly different the cultural displays of that need can seem from a distance, especially widely public expressions of that wish. However, regardless of the differences in appearance, when people make a gesture, a public gesture, it reveals the hope that someone will recognize their need so that they could know it, so they might discover what really matters to themselves. It is encouraging to realize that it’s possible for a few well positioned wise comments or thoughts to break through deep and complex differences, or our impressions of them.

Yesterday, I published the composition about actors, Men in Film: As Time Goes By. Seeing the passage of celebrity faces over time in that video initially led me to focus upon thoughts of mortality: that nothing lasts forever. However, from a different perspective, one which emphasizes the here-and-now, performers on the silver screen embody, epitomize the more benign wish described above, the need for attention, to be noticed, to be recognized by others. And the prospect of mutual recognition with others evokes a capacity for loving relationships.

Women in Film: A Wish for Recognition

Rita Coolidge and Kris Kristofferson: Help Me Make It Through the Night

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