Michelle, My Belle: The Michelle Obama Love Song

The Michelle Obama Love Song

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The Modern Man: Macho Replaced by Sexual Ambiguity

The Likeable Pete Wentz: A Lightning Rod for Sexual Ambiguity

An Interview with Pete Wentz by Out Magazine

An interview with Pete Wentz by Out Magazine concluded that if people are confused about Wentz’s sexuality, he deserves at least half the credit for it. Onstage he’ll lick a stripe up the neck of his bass or his bandmates’ guitars. He hooks his chin over singer Patrick Stump’s shoulder, mouthing his own words against Stump’s cheek. When they covered the Killers’ Mr. Brightside on a recent tour, he would punctuate the line “it was only a kiss” by aiming with varying success somewhere in the vicinity of Stump’s mouth.

He has no qualms talking about his attraction to men (including a big, stupid crush on John Mayer), which still puts him on a very short list of famous young male musicians and actors who haven’t been convinced that confession is in and of itself a career killer. Pete Wentz doesn’t care if you laugh at him, if you call him a fag, or that other f word: a failure. So maybe it’s time for a little “fuck you” of our own, at least to the idea that a guy can’t be a good queer role model unless he actually has sex with men. Wentz could be the world’s best spokesman to a generation of kids who grew up with gay-straight alliances but who haven’t all made the leap to full acceptance.

The Modern Man: Fashion and Sexual Ambiguity

The following is a video presentation of the Yves Saint Laurent spring 2009 collection. Instead of a traditional runway show, he presented his new line in an artistic film starring Jack Huston (Angelica Huston’s nephew) in the clothes. It’s got everything any good avant-garde fashion movie should: naked skinny people, hypnotic music, French speaking, a dashing man, and even-more-dashing clothes. And it’s even tall-and-skinny, instead of horizontal!

The Modern Man: Fashion and Sexual Ambiguity

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