Jesse Jackson Slams Obama with Unbelievably Crude Comment

Jesse Jackson Slams Obama with Unbelievably Crude Comments

While on a break during a taping for a Fox News program, Jesse Jackson told another guest on the program that he wanted to “cut [Obama’s] nu**s out.” The hurtful and disparaging comments were caught on tape, because Jackson’s microphone was still on.

Of course, the two-faced Jackson immediately issued an apology, stating: “For any harm or hurt that this hot mic private conversation may have caused, I apologize. My support for Senator Obama’s campaign is wide, deep and unequivocal. I cherish this redemptive and historical moment.”

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., expressed personal wrath about his father’s crude comments: “I’m deeply outraged and disappointed in Reverend Jackson’s reckless statements about Senator Barack Obama. His divisive and demeaning comments about the presumptive Democratic nominee — and I believe the next president of the United States — contradict his inspiring and courageous career,” wrote Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), an Obama campaign co-chairman, in a statement that he sent out after word began spreading that his father had said something so crude and deeply offensive.

Instead of tearing others down, Barack Obama wants to build the country up and bring people together so that we can move forward, together — as one nation. The remarks like those uttered on Fox by Reverend Jackson do not advance the campaign’s cause of building a more perfect Union.”

Reverend Jackson is my dad and I’ll always love him. He should know how hard that I’ve worked for the last year and a half as a national co-chair of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. So, I thoroughly reject and repudiate his ugly rhetoric. He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself.”

Jesse Jackson Whispering His Crude Remarks

Jesse Jackson Discusses His Crude Remarks

Jesse Jackson Issues a Formal Apology to Obama

Obama’s campaign was tight-lipped about the incident, issuing only a statement. “As someone who grew up without a father in the home, Senator Obama has spoken and written for many years about the issue of parental responsibility, including the importance of fathers participating in their children’s lives,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton wrote. “He also discusses our responsibility as a society to provide jobs, justice, and opportunity for all. He will continue to speak out about our responsibilities to ourselves and each other, and he of course accepts Reverend Jackson’s apology.”

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17 Responses to “Jesse Jackson Slams Obama with Unbelievably Crude Comment”

  1. dunc Says:

    backpedaling blackpedling whatever,
    it show jesse jacksons true color
    (as if we all already did not know )
    rainbow push-push grind-grind
    cheating on his wife
    – what a great leader
    someone to really look up to

  2. K.M. George Says:

    Un-freakin’ believable. And to think so many people look up to Rev. Jackson. Glad his son has more sense than he does! Now he is someone to be looked up to!

  3. Shalome Kim Felder Says:

    President Obama’s (speak it into existence) remarks concerning the importance of the presence of fathers in black children’s lives are accurate. Daniel Patrick Moynihan reported on the disintegration of the Black family in the mid sixties and was vilified for it. At the time of his report, the out of wedlock rate for black children was approximately 25%. Moynihan counseled us to take action (us being the black families themselves as well as government social programs) Today, the out of wedlock birth rate for black children is 70%. Black children in single parent female headed households are the poorest segment of the American population. Social pathologies such as substance abuse, high crime, low educational achievement, poverty, teen pregnancy, AIDS, unemployment, homelessness and more disproportionately affect persons within lower socioeconomic levels.

    At some point (now is as good a time as any) we have to take control of our reproductive organs and be mindful of the potential negative consequences to future generations when we irresponsibly satisfy a physical need today.

    We live in a society where white skin has privilege. That being true does not give us, African Americans, a free pass to forgo participating in our own future. By our choices and actions, we can be architects of our own adversity or of our own success.

  4. mamaneeds2rant Says:

    Yeah. Reverend Jackson thinks it’s more relevant to talk about black unemployment, African Americans in jail, etc. than to talk about African American parents taking more responsibility for their families. Think the two might be related somehow, just maybe???

  5. the jadedconformist Says:

    Uh. WOW. What an idiot.

  6. epiphanyblog Says:

    While I respect the actions of Reverend Jackson with regards to what he has done to advance minorities and the poor…..this was just in POOR TASTE. Obama is a better person than me because I would not have accepted his apology. I would have gave him the deuces for real! Imagine what else Jackson has said that we don’t know about…….

  7. blessed1 Says:

    It’s amazing what you find out about people when they think the mic is off! True colors are what they are…no backpedaling allowed. I say…say what you feel with the mic on or off and life would be a whole lot easier! NO matter what side you’re one…state your opinions proudly with no cause for backpedaling!

  8. nmhood Says:

    You are right in some instances. But …

    As an example: I support Barack Obama as a Presidential candidate, however I do not support everything he says, does or has did. Jesse Jackson is probably in the same boat. He supports Obama because he thinks he is the best candidate, but doesn’t agree with him on every issue.

    Believe me, many people voting for McCain are in this boat, too. My biggest problem was how the situation was covered.

  9. eNews Reference Says:

    I believe he said exactly what he meant unfortunately…there is a 10 – 15 year gap between Jackson/Sharpton perceptions and reality when it comes to America.

  10. nmhood Says:

    One more thing, Jackson showing his “true colors” is nothing more than him reinforcing that he is human. We make errors, and everyone is prone to that. We are, by no means, divine.

    I say “off-the-cuff” remarks like “nuts” as do you and most all reading this blog. Does it make us less of people?

    The word “nuts” is not inappropriate. I work in a very professional environment and words like nuts are thrown around frequently. This is a nothing deal.

  11. Amelia Says:

    Heh. Heh heh. Way to go, Rev.


  12. Keeping It Real Says:

    President Obama (yes, speaking it into existence as my sister suggested) is a man of thought, compassion, restraint, and intelligence. Pretty much the opposite of the good Rev. Which is probably why he didn’t get elected President when he ran.

    Yes, have I thought to myself, “Someone needs to kick that fool in the nuts to shut him up?” Hell yeah.

    Would I be stupid enough to say it to ANYONE when I’m holding public office, AND I’m miked, AND I’ve already said too much about too much in the past? Hell no.

    Lord have mercy.

  13. Keeping It Real Says:


    I would NEVER think of kicking President Obama in the nuts. He is too fine a specimen.

    I was referring to my ex-husband.


  14. eborg9 Says:

    I am glad that this happened, not because of any disrespect to Rev Jackson, but because sometimes “White America” seems to think that when one black person speaks publicly, it is the opinion of all black people. Nothing is more ridiculous. We do not all know or text each other.

    Just because 2 people on the same team disagree, does not mean they can’t work for the same cause.
    We do it everyday at work, with our friends and families.

    There is not a team in the country, either sports, political, or husband and wife that agree on everything, and at times we express it. So relax. It is normal human behavior.

    Jesse Jackson had done too much good in his life. It was stupid, and it made him look like a moron, but….when was the last time, for instance, that you called your boss an idiot ?
    Everyone should just get over it…if we didn’t have different opinions in this country we would be back in the stone age.
    maybe if some in the current administration had the courage to disagree…we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now.

  15. nathalie manzano Says:

    umm lets be real.. barack talks alot of mess most of the time and he doesnt really say what he’s about.. people mostly back people are voting for him only because he’s back but most people have no idea what his stances are on bc he never mentions them, all he does is ride this crazy publicity his dear ol reverend gets him.

  16. S.T Says:

    Even politicians have a right to their opinions. Jesse Jackson’s duplicitous character is by no means atypical of politicians in general. Luckily, if Obama is as shrewd a politician as he comes across, he is well aware of Jackson’s real character. I’ve never listened nor taken Jackson seriously. He is a joke and most of the nation knows that. So, let him put his foot in his mouth. If suits him.

  17. Axel Says:

    No doubt Senator Obama will be the first minority to become President of United State. It’s time for a change. I predict that California, Texas, Florida, New York and Colorado will be easy wins for Obama and that 90% of the minority voters will be supporting him in the November Election.

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