Remembering 28 Days: Rediscovering the Intimacy of Love

Remembering 28 Days: Rediscovering the Intimacy of Love

28 Days is the story of a successful New York City writer who is living in the fast lane and is everyone’s favorite party girl. She shares her roller-coaster social lifestyle, hopping back and forth from dance clubs to bars and the morning after hangovers, with her boyfriend. He is handsome and magnetic, but equally attracted to life on the wild side. Life is nothing but a perpetual game of debauchery, until she gets drunk with her boyfriend on the day of her sister’s wedding, commandeers her sister’s wedding limousine and ends up with a 28-day stay in a substance abuse rehabilitation center.

A young urban woman who is cynical to the core, she is determined not to conform. But her experiences within the highly structured rehab setting begin to break through her carefully constructed defenses and lead her to start taking a closer look at who she might really be. Ultimately, she gradually starts to lose her deeply jaded sense of pessimism about life and begins to rediscover the possibility of having intimately loving relationships with others.

28 Days: Rediscovering the Intimacy of Love

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Burlesque Queen Tempest Storm: Still Strippin’ at 80

Burlesque Queen Tempest Storm: Still Strippin’ at 80

More than 50 years ago Tempest Storm was dubbed the “Girl with the Fabulous Front” and she was told by many famous men that she had the “Best Two Props in Hollywood.” Now, at 80 years-old Storm is still doing burlesque in Las Vegas. And when Tempest is performing on-stage, she carries herself as the headliner, a classy star.

I don’t just get up there and rip my clothes off,” she says. For certain, the 80-year-old burlesque queen takes her clothes off very, very slowly. Since her earlier days in burlesque, Storm has watched the art that made her famous almost disappear. Her famous contemporaries, Blaze Starr, Bettie Page, and Lili St. Cyr, have either died or hung up their rhinestone g-strings and sequined pasties.

But not Tempest Storm, who has continued to perform in Las Vegas, Reno, Palm Springs, Miami and Carnegie Hall. Her act remains symbolic of the old, golden days of strippers in burlesque. Tempest knows nothing about that pole-dancing stuff and would never even think about putting her derriere in a man’s face. Her stage prop of choice is a boa, perhaps the occasional velvet divan.

At the age of 80, Tempest is rarely sadly nostalgic about the past. There’s no doubt in her own mind that she still is what she once was, and Storm rebukes people who think that age takes its toll on sex appeal.

Tempest Storm: Still Strippin’ at 80

Tempest Storm: Performing Burlesque in the 1950’s

You can read more about burlesque star Tempest Storm in The Chicago Tribune here.

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