An English Lad and His Sparkly, Spangly Baton

An English Lad and His Sparkly, Spangly Baton

There are times when a seemingly unimportant story surprisingly ends up being very emotionally touching, evoking strong feelings of caring warmth. And so it is with the scenario about this English lad, a 2007 contestant on the English television show Britain’s Got Talent. In the first video presented below, a soft-spoken, shy Craig Womersley first appears onstage in a glittering, twinkling costume and bashfully tells the judges that his talent is baton-twirling. Most people would gird themselves to endure and wince at a performance like this, destined to surely turn out to be painfully miserable.

But when one of the judges asks him what his parents think about his baton-twirling, with a quivering voice Craig reveals that he’s been keeping his baton-twirling a secret from his parents for many years. They had long ago forbid him to continue with the baton-twirling. In his family, only his supportive elderly grandmother knows about his baton-twirling (she is in the wings waiting to watch his performance; neither of his parents are present).

When the lad launches into his routine accompanied by the uplifting strains of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, the audience immediately goes absolutely mad, cheering and clapping with excitement. I challenge your heart not to be warmed by the closing scene, in which each of the amazed judges gives a glowing opinion in describing his performance. With the soft strains of James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful piping in the background, Craig tears up with barely concealed joy as each of the judges praises him. They are very touching moments.

The second video presents Craig’s second performance on Britain’s Got Talent a few weeks later. At the beginning of the video, before his performance, Craig breaks down crying when talking about having to keep the thing that has been of greatest importance to him a secret for so many years. Now out of the closet, about his baton-twirling, his parents have come to the show and are in the audience to watch him perform. I refuse to be a spoiler about how all of this turns out. But watch it and perhaps, just maybe you might have a personal experience of touching, tender and heartwarming feelings.

An English Lad Performs with His Sparkly, Spangly Baton

Weeks Later, Craig Once Again Performs His Spangly Baton Twirling

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