Hurricane Katrina: After the Levees Broke

Hurricane Katrina: After the Levees Broke

By Sunday afternoon, a historic evacuation of Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, the largest evacuation in state history, had been completed with 2 million people having joined together in an exodus that left New Orleans standing in near silence as a ghost town. Policemen and National Guardsmen were carrying guns while they stood watching over the city’s empty streets, as the nation anticipated a storm that could turn out to rival Hurricane Katrina in its destructive power.

The storm was set to crash ashore on midday Monday with frightful force. Weather forecasters are presently saying that Gustav is very likely to grow stronger as it marches toward the Gulf Coast with top sustained winds of around 115 mph. At 5 p.m. Sunday (EDT), the National Hurricane Center said Gustav was a Category 3 storm that was centered about 215 miles southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River and moving northwest at around 18 mph.

After the Levees Broke: Ghost Town

Read more about the Gulf Coast evacuation in The New York Times.

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Photos of the Day: The Enticingly Cocky and Sexy Muscley Dude

Photos of the Day: The Enticingly Cocky and Sexy Muscley Dude

The Cocky and Sexy Dude Struts His Muscley Stuff

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