IgniteNYC: Reprogramming Techie Nightlife

IgniteNYC: Reprogramming Techie Nightlife

Allen Salkin has written in The New York Times about a new form of social networking for technology and new media people. IgniteNYC is one of those networking sites, part of the new techie party scene. Last Tuesday night at IgniteNYC, a large crowd pressed forward to watch the soldering contest as it entered its final stages. A dozen men, gripping hot irons, sweated over circuit boards at M1-5, a TriBeCa bar. Their goal was to win a race to put together a primitive remote control, the prize a lump of resin embedded with flashing blue L.E.D.s.

As four camera people from three Web video sites circled them, the crowd sipped glasses of dark beer and wine. Who would be the first contestant to jump up, point the remote at a television resting on a side table, and turn it off? Such tension!!

The contest was the first of a series of proceedings at IgniteNYC, the kind of new techie event that originated in Seattle in 2006. Later that night, there were super-speedy PowerPoint presentations, and from the laptop and smartphone-bearing legions who had aligned themselves on a banquette, a barrage of live blogging.

IgniteNYC is part of a new social networking group for techies in New York City called, Tech and New Media Folks. A decade ago, a typical party for New York City techies would have been held at a fancy club to celebrate the start of a web site. There might have been minor celebrities, go-go dancers, an open bar and expensive giveaways, all to build brand-awareness, which it was believed, would somehow, someday, lead to profitability.

But when the Internet bubble collapsed, so did the Silicon Alley 1.0 party scene. Now, young internet entrepreneurs, with some enterprisors from the old days, and a few members of the city’s creative class are engaged in a new type of party, such as IgniteNYC. The new techie parties are devoted to unveiling ideas. And these days, many of those ideas are about producing and delivering video content.

IgniteNYC: The New Techie Nightlife

The New York City Soldering Championships

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