Hearing is Believing: Josh Groban’s Medley of TV Theme Songs

Hearing is Believing: Josh Groban’s Medley of TV Theme Songs

“Hearing is Believing: Josh Groban’s Medley of TV Theme Songs” must be heard to be believed. This is the story of a man named Groban, who sang a medley of television theme songs that we all know. In a musical tribute, singer Josh Groban performed bits of memorable themes at The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards. More than two dozen classic television program openings, including The Brady Bunch anthem, were contained in Groban’s four-minute-plus medley.

The Emmy musical team compiled a list of about 50 classics before whittling down the selections. The Simpsons and Friends themes made the cut, but many choices come from an earlier era, before business and ratings strategies shortened or eliminated television program themes.

Groban, who is 27-years-old, hadn’t even been born when many of the shows were at their height of popularity, but he saw them in reruns growing up, and watches them now while on tour, when he has ”a whole lot of hotel room time.” Although the medley diverges greatly from the pop-classical sound usually associated with Groban, he was the right choice, Emmy executive producer Ken Ehrlich said. ”Josh has an incredible sense of humor, but beyond that he’s interested in all kinds of music.”

Groban, who was first introduced to many of his fans on television a few years ago as a guest singer on Ally McBeal, says television songs don’t always get their due. ”Think how important they have been to the popular culture,” he says. ”You don’t really hear the respect being given to these seemingly simple but memorable-forever themes.”

Hearing is Believing: Josh Groban’s Medley of TV Theme Songs

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Blow Up Your TV: Defamer’s Live-Blogging the 2008 Emmy Awards!!

Blow Up Your TV: Defamer Live-Blogs the 2008 Emmy Awards!!

Sunday greetings from Defamer’s Headquarters, where television’s! Biggest! Night! Has us shaking off our hangovers for live coverage of the 60th annual Emmy Awards! That’s right, Defamer’s doing this live, bypassing that silly West Coast tape delay for the straight dirt as it happens on the red carpet, inside the Nokia Theater and wherever else history and fools are being made on this historic evening. You know the subplots to watch for over the long night ahead, so read along and join the party. And heads up: Spoilers (and a few advance clips) follow for anyone who can’t bear to know Heidi Klum’s hosting benchmarks or how much ass Mad Men is kicking before watching for themselves in primetime. That said, we’ve already filled you in this year’s heroes in comedy and drama; what more is there to know?

(Please Click Image for Defamer’s Live-Blogging of The 2008 Emmys)

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Tiny Wofford College Loses Upset to South Carolina in Final Minutes

Tiny Wofford College Loses Upset to South Carolina in Final Minutes

The Wofford College Terriers couldn’t quite pull off a shocking upset like fellow Southern Conference school Appalachian State did last season against The University of Michigan, but Wofford’s game against The University of South Carolina on Saturday night was very close. In a game that was similar to the fabled Wofford-Carolina meeting in 2006, last night’s game was tied at 10-10 in the third quarter and Wofford was down just 16-13 until the final minutes of the game.

Wofford had a 15-play drive on its first possession of the game, took a 7-3 lead on the second trip and pulled to within 16-13 on a field goal by Patrick Mugan with 7:50 remaining in the fourth quarter. The pesky Wofford Terriers then kept nipping at South Carolina’s heels and just wouldn’t go away. But South Carolina managed to score a touchdown in the final two minutes to pull out a last-minute 23-13 victory over Wofford before 76,600 football fans at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina.

Wofford out-gained South Carolina on the ground, and Carolina committed three turnovers in the game. The Terriers are now 2-1 in the season, while South Carolina is 2-2.

Wofford Loses Upset to South Carolina in Final Minutes

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