Hearing is Believing: Josh Groban’s Medley of TV Theme Songs

Hearing is Believing: Josh Groban’s Medley of TV Theme Songs

“Hearing is Believing: Josh Groban’s Medley of TV Theme Songs” must be heard to be believed. This is the story of a man named Groban, who sang a medley of television theme songs that we all know. In a musical tribute, singer Josh Groban performed bits of memorable themes at The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards. More than two dozen classic television program openings, including The Brady Bunch anthem, were contained in Groban’s four-minute-plus medley.

The Emmy musical team compiled a list of about 50 classics before whittling down the selections. The Simpsons and Friends themes made the cut, but many choices come from an earlier era, before business and ratings strategies shortened or eliminated television program themes.

Groban, who is 27-years-old, hadn’t even been born when many of the shows were at their height of popularity, but he saw them in reruns growing up, and watches them now while on tour, when he has ”a whole lot of hotel room time.” Although the medley diverges greatly from the pop-classical sound usually associated with Groban, he was the right choice, Emmy executive producer Ken Ehrlich said. ”Josh has an incredible sense of humor, but beyond that he’s interested in all kinds of music.”

Groban, who was first introduced to many of his fans on television a few years ago as a guest singer on Ally McBeal, says television songs don’t always get their due. ”Think how important they have been to the popular culture,” he says. ”You don’t really hear the respect being given to these seemingly simple but memorable-forever themes.”

Hearing is Believing: Josh Groban’s Medley of TV Theme Songs

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    Here’s a list of all the television shows Josh made reference to during his medley performance at the 2008 Emmys:


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    Hi songspeakmusic,

    I checked it out….you’ve put up a good list there!

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