While You Were Asleep

The sound of a heavy rain is the result of millions of individual droplets splashing down to earth with surprising volume. The music of a downpour is a velvety hissing sound that approximates white noise, while in the foreground droplets form and drip like heartbeats. The fleeting image of the landscape in the raindrops as they swell from drop to drip is an optical phenomenon, but to some it’s pure magic. And then they form into streams and pulsate hypnotically like radiant quicksilver

Rain: While You Were Asleep

Film by: Jeff Scher

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Free Dating Advice: The 10 Most Wunnerful Luv Tips Ever!

Free Dating Advice: The 10 Most Wunnerful Luv Tips Ever!

Here are 10 terrifically goofy romance tips. But they’re the best Luv Tips ever! And they’re absolutely guaranteed to work just wonnerfully for all of the sexes…most of the time…well, sometimes….

But what if they don’t work? Well, in that case just pick up a thesaurus and describe your lover with the words that truly bring out the best in him/her/whatever. Use words like beautiful, handsome, angelic, divine, simply divine, sublime, alluring, bewitching, stunning, gorgeous, exquisite, marvelous, magnificent, charming, enticing, fabulous and so forth. This is a great romance tip that works just perfect for all of the sexes.

Dating Advice: The 10 Most Wunnerful Luv Tips Ever!

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