A Debate Post-Mortem: McXplosions, Weird Faces and the Turkey Lurchy-Lurch

The Debate Post-Mortem: Mcplosion, Weird Faces and Lurchy-Lurch

The Third Presidential Debate: The Beauty and The Beast

In the third Presidential debate last Tuesday, John McCain was a cranky, befuddled and unpleasant embarrassment. Jeff Schweitzer concluded that, “The split screen TV killed the McCain campaign, delivering the final blow by offering the audience a clear view of the Beauty and the Beast. On one screen we saw a calm Obama, attentively listening to his opponent, then responding with coherent, concise retorts. On the other, we saw a squirming, smirking, eye-rolling, angry McCain looking uncomfortable in his own skin, stumbling through his anger to come up with a stuttering reply.”

Marty Kaplan described McCain as coming across as angrier and meaner than ever before. “Every time Obama spoke, McCain grimaced, sneered, or rolled his eyes. By contrast, every time McCain was on the attack, Obama smiled. Ninety minutes of John McCain making faces was more than enough for a lifetime. He smirked. He grimaced. He sneered. He fake-smiled. It’s hard to imagine anyone willingly inviting that antic lemon-sucking grinfest into their homes for the next four years.”

The more rage he felt, the more weird his expressions became, as he made increasingly odd faces. It’s ironic that it was McCain who more than once warned debate observers to beware of Obama’s eloquence, because if you ignored McCain’s words Tuesday night, there was nothing left to do but be mesmerized by the bizarre dance being done by his cheeks, his lips, his eyebrows and his eyes.

The Third Presidential Debate: The Beauty and the Beast

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