Photo of the Day: I Paid Money, Now Where’s the Train?

Photo of the Day: I Paid Money, Now Where’s the Train?

Photography by: Joseph O. Holmes, NYC

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Father and Daughter: A Tale of Eternal Longing

Father and Daughter: A Tale of Eternal Longing

Father and Daughter is the 2000 Dutch animated short film, made by Michaël Dudok De Wit, which won the 2000 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. In the film, a father says goodbye to his young daughter and leaves. As the wide landscapes are shown living through their seasons, the girl lives through hers also. She becomes a young woman, has a family and in time she becomes old. Yet within her there is always a deep longing for her father. At the conclusion of the film, the now elderly daughter begins to walk through the overgrown, dried up riverbed, finally traveling in the afterlife to meet her father once again.

Father and Daughter: A Tale of Eternal Longing

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Laid Off, Down and Out, and Heading for Hollywood

Laid Off, Down and Out, and Heading for Hollywood

The government has reported that the American economy lost another 240,000 jobs in October, as cash-strapped consumers pulled back and businesses hunkered down, intensifying the deepening financial distress that’s gripping the country. Making the situation even worse, the unemployment rate spiked up to 6.5 percent from 6.1 percent, the highest level since 1994, and many economists now expect unemployment will reach 8 percent by the middle of next year. More than half of the job losses have occurred during the last three months.

Now if all that sounds pretty bad, things look much, much worse when we get to take a little look at what the poor average citizen is actually going through right now. One example is the financial calamity confronting poor Mr. O. Todd in the hilarious animation presented below. Mr. Todd describes a typical day in his life as a “laid off” person and his utter failures when applying for a new job. Finally, when all else has failed him, Mr. Todd shows us his trip to Hollywood, where he had hoped to land a job as a television producer. Yes, as you might well imagine, his Hollywood adventure ended up being just another disaster for him!

Maybe after watching the plight of Mr. Todd, you won’t feel quite so bad!

Laid Off: Down and Out, and Heading for Hollywood

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Thanksgiving and Our Future: Giving Thanks with the Obamas

Thanksgiving and Our Future: Giving Thanks with the Obamas

President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle took their daughters to work at a food bank on the day before Thanksgiving, saying they wanted to show the girls the meaning of the holiday, especially at a time when so many people are struggling in America. Ten-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha joined their parents to shake hands and give holiday wishes to hundreds of people who had been lined up for hours at the food bank on Chicago’s south side. Sasha and Malia helped as the family handed out wrapped chickens to the needy in a chilly outdoor church courtyard.

The president-elect was in a jovial mood, calling out “happy thanksgiving” and telling everyone “you can call me Barack.” He told reporters that he wants the girls “to learn the importance of how fortunate they are, and to make sure they’re giving back.” Michelle Obama said that they wanted to give their children “an understanding of what giving and Thanksgiving is all about.”

The Obama family’s activities in the courtyard quickly drew the attention of schoolchildren whose windows overlooked the courtyard. They put up a sign against the glass that read: “We love our prez” and screamed when the president-elect waved to them. Obama then turned to his wife and suggested they go visit the children.

Secret Service agents, looking surprised, disappeared inside the building to accommodate his request. Minutes later, hundreds of children were brought down to the school auditorium, and Obama loped onstage as they screamed and cheered. “I just wanted to come by and wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving,” he said. He then asked the children what they would be eating for Thanksgiving dinner.

The president-elect then took questions from the children, one of whom wanted to know what it was like to be followed around all the time. It is a topic that seems to touch a nerve in Obama, who has lamented the lack of privacy that comes with his new job. “I gotta admit, sometimes it’s kinda strange. You just want to go take a walk or go out and ride your bike or something, and you always have someone with you,” Obama said. “So you don’t have a lot of privacy and that’s one of the things you have to sacrifice in order to run for president.”

Giving Thanks with the Obamas

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The Capacity to Be Alone, All by My Self

The Capacity to Be Alone, All by My Self

The psychological capacity to be alone, as opposed to feeling lonely, is said to be the foundation for a sense of the self or of who we are. In addition, it nourishes growth promoting introspective thought, imagination and creativity. The media composition presented here today, which is comprised of photographs, a short film and a photo-gallery, represents the beginning of developing a small composition that portrays the differing experiences of loneliness, solitude and being alone. The piece will be modified each day, with a final set of writings, photographs, a short film and a photo-gallery appearing here by January 1st.

Alone, All by My Self

The Capacity to Be Alone, All by My Self

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A Brilliant Presentation: “Blue Hors Matine” Performs a Disco-Dancing Dressage!

A Brilliant Presentation: “Blue Hors Matine” Performs a Disco-Dancing Dressage!

At The Grand Prix Freestyle Dressage in Aachen, Germany on August 26th, 2006, Andreas Helgstrand and Blue Hors Matine, a 9 year-old Danish mare, turned in an electrifying performance to earn the Silver Medal. Andreas Helgstrand of Denmark had a marvelous freestyle dressage, riding the amazingly unbelievable Blue Hors Matine in a performance that got the audience, a huge sold-out crowd of 40,000 people crammed into every corner of the stadium, clapping in rhythm with her passage as she went down the centerline at the end of her performance. This beautiful horse was both dramatically exciting and as regular as a metronome in her piaffe and passage, which was flaunted in front of the judges at every opportunity. That’s the strategy with a freestyle; if you do something well, do it in their faces. If there’s something you don’t do well, hide it away in a corner. And Blue Hors Matine did it all well, extraordinarily well, indeed. One can even easily enjoy her flapping tail, since it really seemed to express just how happy she was to be dancing!

“Blue Hors Matine” Performs a Disco-Dancing Dressage!

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Myron Rolle Wins Rhodes Scholarship: A Star Football Player and Scholar

Myron Rolle Wins The Rhodes Scholarship: A Star Football Player and Scholar

Florida State safety Myron Rolle was awarded a Rhodes scholarship Saturday. He is the first major-college football player of his generation to win what is considered the world’s most prestigious postgraduate academic scholarship.

He became the most prominent student-athlete to win the award since Bill Bradley at Princeton in 1965. Bradley was later a Knicks basketball star, U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate. Other winners have included Pat Haden (U.S.C. and the Rams) and Tom McMillen (The Univ. of Maryland, the N.B.A. and Congress).

Rolle’s quest to the win the Rhodes had received heavy attention from the news media, because he chose to risk missing all or part of Florida State’s pivotal game at The University of Maryland on Saturday night to have the interview, which took place in Birmingham, Alabama.

Rolle received the news about 5 p.m. Saturay afternoon; he then received a police escort to a local airport, where a private plane waited to take him to the game. He entered the game late in the second quarter of a 37-3 Florida State victory. “He is flying high,” Sally Karioth, a Florida State nursing professor who accompanied Rolle to his interview, said before the game. “He was hopping. He’s usually real sedate.”

Rolle was one of two winners selected from 13 finalists interviewed on Saturday in Birmingham. Parker Goyer, a former player on the women’s tennis team at Duke, was the other winner.

You can read more about Myron Rolle here.

Myron Rolle as a Student-Athlete at Florida State University

Flying with Rolle on the Plane to the Game

Florida State Beats Maryland, and Rolle Wins the Rhodes

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