President-elect Obama Arrives at the White House

President-elect Obama and Michelle Obama arrived at the White House for their first visit since Obama’s landslide election victory.  President Bush and first lady Laura Bush were at the South Portico of the White House to greet the Obamas on a sunny fall day with moderate temperatures and colorful autumn leaves.

The Obamas’ arrival had the look of a foreign head-of-state state visit.  The Obamas were driven up to the South Portico, where they were welcomed by the Bushes and escorted into the Executive Mansion that they’ll call home in a little more than two months.  Just a couple moments later, Bush and Obama were seen walking along the White House Collonade to the Oval Office.

President-elect Obama Arrives at the White House

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The Cinematic Orchestra: To Build a Home

To Build a Home is a beautiful, sedate 12-minute short film that was created by The Cinematic Orchestra.  The film combines remarkable cinematography with an emotionally harrowing story line.  It’s accompanied by elegantly moving music, which is at the same time hauntingly sad and melancholy.  To Build a Home centers upon the  narrative theme of love and loss.  It chronicles the final hours of a dying woman with her devoted, loving husband in their simple stone cottage in the dramatic Cumbrian countryside of northern England.

The Cinematic Orchestra: To Build a Home

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