Rent-A-Person: The Plight of the Lonely Bathroom Attendant

Financial reports released this week revealed that poor Starbucks is hardly making any money. The coffee chain’s profit dropped 97% in the fourth quarter, because it’s spending so much money closing down all the stores it opened earlier, when they thought every block in the world needed a Starbucks. Remember when Starbucks was the emergency backup job for the creative underclass, where you could make a few bucks and maybe get health care as a starving artist? Now that’s just a fantasy of the past. If all else fails, the emergency backup job now seems to be burglary.

But wait! Don’t lose all hope yet. There’s the story of the founder of Rent-A-Person, who started out as a down-and-out men’s room attendant. Actually, Rent-A-Person is a hilarious short film created by the acclaimed independent filmmaker, Kurt Kuenne. It’s is a romantic musical comedy about a a young, lovesick men’s room attendant who decides to become a visionary entrepreneur, founding a nationwide financial empire that revolutionizes rush hour traffic.

The Plight of the Lonely Bathroom Attendant

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