Photo of the Day: Holy Mackerel!!

Photo of the Day: Holy Mackerel!!

Photography by: Joseph O. Holmes, NYC

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Storytelling in the City: Songs of Themselves

Storytelling in the City: Songs of Themselves

There are eight million stories in the naked city. And I’ve got one too. But first, do you know that dream where it’s back in February 2007 and you’re pacing outside that dark, cavelike bar with a stage on New York City’s Lower East Side. And there’s a storytelling slam about to start inside and you want to see it but you’re deeply insecure and too scared to go in? And then you’re striding toward the subway because you’ve chickened out, until you stop dead in the middle of the block and say to yourself, “Don’t be absurd?

So in that dream, you turn around, shove six bucks into the ham-fist of the expressionless man at the door and enter the murmuring darkness? And then you squeeze into a seat in the back and the M.C. announces a name he’s drawn from a hat, and the person picked, just an ordinary member of the audience, happens to make his way to the stage, stands in the spotlight, with a five-minute story prepared in his head on the theme of the night, and begins….? Well, I had that dream too. In fact, that exact thing really did happen to me. And here’s the story that I told:

My Song of the City: A Cross-Country Bike Trip to Hell

Read more about this in The New York Times here.

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