Laid Off, Down and Out, and Heading for Hollywood

Laid Off, Down and Out, and Heading for Hollywood

The government has reported that the American economy lost another 240,000 jobs in October, as cash-strapped consumers pulled back and businesses hunkered down, intensifying the deepening financial distress that’s gripping the country. Making the situation even worse, the unemployment rate spiked up to 6.5 percent from 6.1 percent, the highest level since 1994, and many economists now expect unemployment will reach 8 percent by the middle of next year. More than half of the job losses have occurred during the last three months.

Now if all that sounds pretty bad, things look much, much worse when we get to take a little look at what the poor average citizen is actually going through right now. One example is the financial calamity confronting poor Mr. O. Todd in the hilarious animation presented below. Mr. Todd describes a typical day in his life as a “laid off” person and his utter failures when applying for a new job. Finally, when all else has failed him, Mr. Todd shows us his trip to Hollywood, where he had hoped to land a job as a television producer. Yes, as you might well imagine, his Hollywood adventure ended up being just another disaster for him!

Maybe after watching the plight of Mr. Todd, you won’t feel quite so bad!

Laid Off: Down and Out, and Heading for Hollywood

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