Cabalerno: And It’s All Right

Cabalerno: And It’s All Right

Cabalerno is a documentary-style short film shot in a Latino neighborhood of New York City.  The film was an official selection in 2007 at film festivals in the United States and around the world (including film festivals in Australia, Barcelona, Brazil, Canada and Germany).   In the United States, Cabalerno was an official selection at the Provincetown International Film Festival, The New York Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, The International Latino Film Festival (San Francisco) and others.   Cabalerno was the winner of The Best Short Film for Season Two, on LOGO Television.

Cabalerno reveals the unspoken suffering of a withdrawn and awkward Latino young teenager, who appears to be attempting to begin coming to terms with some of his uncomfortable erotic attractions to others.  The younger teen gets caught pointing his video camera at an older, handsome and muscular skateboarder on New York’s Lower East Side, with whom he is infatuated.   Confronted with his video filming by the older teenager, he suffers both embarrassment and fears of possible public humiliation.  However, after an initial awkwardness, the two fellows must cope with their unanticipated, seemingly dissonant feelings.

I’m Looking at You,
Looking at Me,
Looking at You,
And it’s all right

Cabalerno: And It’s All Right

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