Photo of the Day: Some After Dinner Orange Booby Thingees

Music Audio/ The Moulin Rouge Can-Can:

Photo of the Day: After Dinner Orange Booby Thingees

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Gotta’ Get Gas: The Energy Crisis in Four Hilariously Nasty Minutes

Hey, remember those skyrocketing fuel prices earlier this year? Boy, was that a silly, silly time and so very long ago, too. Now that fuel is back at bargain-basement prices that will never rise ever again and we clearly have endless supplies of the stuff, this little animated film Fuel should serve as a whimsical and quaint reminder of those bygone times. Although filmmaker Dale Goodson’s short made us laugh out loud several times, what really impressed us was just how damn embittered it seems (the self-vocalized sound effects certainly helped, too). Using the simplest animation possible, he nails the energy crisis down in a hilariously nasty four short minutes.

Gotta’ Get Gas: The Energy Crisis in Four Nasty Minutes

Animation by: Dale Goodson

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