But Sir, Why Have You Been Frozen to that Toilet for Four Days?

But Sir, Why Have You Been Frozen to that Toilet for Four Days?

But sir, look at how big the boiling black pot is (at least that one in the foreground ). And scope out the poor freaked-out guy back there in the time capsule kind of thingee. Can you just imagine what he looked like 4 days ago when some peoples must have put him in there. Very, very curious. Seems like he didn’t expect the boiling or could be that the egg is something new to him. Or might be the hissing blue flame or the 5 scorpions crawling on the oven door. But this sure doesn’t look like a cook’s palace. Oh gosh…maybe it’s a meth lab, yeah what about a meth lab? No, I don’t think so, no meth lab. But it could be the scorpion things. Yeah, for sure he’d really like to get that egg outta’ there. ABOUT 28 MINUTES AGO!!

But those black shiny poisonous beetle-like/crustacean looking things are clearly a threat, real or not they’re a palpable deterrent for this guy. Or then again, it might be a meth lab, but that seems so outlandish. Sure does look sordid enough though. Could be a junkie down there passed out on the floor, that would kind of freeze you on the john for sure. Or even worse, maybe it’s his dear, sweet little old grandma and that nasty junkie there, maybe it’s both of them down there on the floor together. His un-live grandma twisted like a piece of blood-red velvet and the junkie bent double like a pipe. No, that’s not it at all. But whatever it is, we all hope to avoid this horrible kind of scene. But sir, you better run out of there fast, even with your pants down!!

But Sir, Why Have You Been Frozen to that Toilet?

Short Film by: Dale Goodson

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