Jennifer Hudson Returns with a Dramatically Soaring Triumph

Jennifer Hudson Returns with a Dramatically Soaring Triumph

In her first public appearance since the tragic October murders of her mother, brother and nephew in Chicago, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson re-entered the national spotlight and gave a stunning performance of The National Anthem before a huge Super Bowl crowd on Sunday. As she stepped onto the small blue platform with a solemn expression, Hudson initially trembled on her high heels. She began and ended the performance with an audible sigh. But in between, Hudson unleashed her signature crystalline vocals, bringing to The National Anthem a dreamlike, pensive quality that rivaled Whitney Houston’s legendary soul rendition in 1991 during the first Gulf War. Pouring her heart into the music on the largest national stage of the year, Hudson instantly set a new standard.

Jennifer Hudson’s heart has surely been broken by recent events, but her voice remains a rare instrument. If anything, the tragedies in her life gave this performance an emotional inspiration that couldn’t be denied. The result was a grand national diva moment for the ages. Hudson began with feelings of tenuous doubt: Would the world welcome her back? Is she still good enough? In the end, she delivered a dazzling skyward-striving musical call to the heavens. Jennifer Hudson confronted her underlying feelings of almost unspeakable pain, and shared with all of us her capacity to transcend that anguish through a dramatically cathartic musical performance.

Jennifer Hudson Returns with a Dramatically Soaring Triumph

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