A Lavatory Love Story: The Loneliness of a Public Toilet Attendant

A Lavatory Love Story: The Loneliness of a Public Toilet Attendant

Lavatory Love is a 2009 Academy Awards nominee for Best Animated Short Film. The film is a minimalist animated short about a lonely middle-aged public toilet attendant who sits in her little booth day after day, collecting coins from the lavatory users while she reads the newspaper and fantasizes about the romantic lives that other people enjoy.

Secretly, she yearns for a man in her own life, someone who would love and comfort her. Unexpectedly, one day a small bouquet of flowers mysteriously appears in her money-jar. She suspects that her dreams about intimacy actually might come true after all, especially when more flowers continue to appear in the little glass jar. As the film follows the woman’s attempts to discover the identity of her secret admirer, it reveals the angst and sadness of a very lonely woman, as well as her transformation into a happy and joyful human being.

Lavatory Love: The Loneliness of a a Public Toilet Attendant

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