An Astonishing Sea Rescue in Incredible Shrinking Sydney

An Astonishing Sea Rescue in Incredible Shrinking Sydney

Keith Loutit, a photographer based in Sydney (AU), is interested in “the little things in life” and his remarkable short films make Sydney look like a model city. Bathtub IV depicts a rescue operation carried out by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service in Sydney. Loutit shot the short film using some amazing tilt-shift time-lapse photography. His tilt-shift photography narrows the depth of field, making Sydney look like a miniature city. The “model city” effect combines selective focus, the angle of light, and speed of playback to trick the viewer into thinking they’re looking at footage of a scale model. Elevation is also an important factor. By positioning the camera above the subject, the viewer looks down upon the scene, which dramatically enhances the effect.

Loutit’s work plays with focus, vantage, perspective and the viewer’s perceptions of reality. In doing so, he challenges his audience not to take their environment for granted. His short films detach the viewers from the real world, helping them once again to remember and recognize the old world charm of their surroundings.

An Astonishing Sea Rescue in Incredible Shrinking Sydney

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