Goodbye Cruel Winter, Welcome Back Beautiful Spring!

Goodbye Cruel Winter, Welcome Back Beautiful Spring!

The longer and colder the winter, the sweeter the spring, and this year’s winter seemed very long indeed. Even in large cities, the signs of spring are heartfelt. It’s not just the warmth of the sun that returns, but color. The winter landscape is monochromatic and when the sun shines, the piercing blue of the sky only reminds you of its bitterly unwelcome cold. Then spring arrives, and over the course of the next month the world slowly dissolves from black and white to Technicolor. Welcome Back is an animated celebration of springtime, moving from the despair of the cruel months to the joy at the return of the softer ones.

Goodbye Cruel Winter, Welcome Back Beautiful Spring!

Animation by: Jeff Scher

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  1. Four Queens Says:

    at last the spring!

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