Do Robots Dream of Bunnies?

Do Robots Dream of Bunnies?

Do Robots Dream of Bunnies? is an animated short created by Piotr Karwas. Karwas is an award winning director, animator and digital artist with over ten years experience in the film industry. Karwas’ earlier short Masks, which he made while a student at Poland’s Filmakademie, won the Jury Award at Siggraph and the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 1999.

Between the craters on the ground and the creatures floating in the air, perhaps the poor little robot just found a new friend. Or maybe not. On the other hand, do robots really dream about bunnies? To tell the truth, I can’t honestly say. None of the robots I’ve ever asked about it expressed any opinion one way or the other on the matter. Or else they were much too embarrassed to talk about it. Oily dreams. Euurugh….

Do Robots Dream of Bunnies?

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