One Rat Short: An Underground Romantic Adventure

One Rat Short: An Underground Romantic Adventure

One Rat Short is an award-winning computer animated short film. It was a 2006 Academy Award Nominated Short Film and a 2006 Cannes Film Festival Official Short Film Selection. One Rat Short was named the 2006 Siggraph Computer Animation Festival’s Best of Show and won the 2006 One Reel Film Festival Jury Prize in Animation.

The film juxtaposes New York City’s grim mean streets with a starkly futuristic research lab, telling a startlingly evocative and effective love story between a gutter rat and a white lab rat. The mesmerizing ballet of a discarded cheese-snack wrapper entices the New York subway rat into an adventure of love. His journey takes him through a subway vent into a highly mechanized rat lab, where one particular white female gets his attention and the attraction seems to be mutual. Trapped in the rat lab, is there any way out for them? Or will it turn out to be a very sad, heart-breaking odyssey of lost love.

One Rat Short: An Underground Romantic Adventure

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