Almost: A Bittersweet Piece of Soul Origami

Almost: A Bittersweet Piece of Soul Origami

Almost is a two-minute animated short film by Dave Laden, which stumbles into a fold in the universe where isolation, sadness and a search for love are bound up in soul origami. The film peers into a window in the life of a lonely young woman struggling with her repetitive, isolated existence. Injected with a sense of bittersweet humor, the journey opens with our heroine going through her usual mundane day, except there is something extraordinary about her. She has strange arms that stick straight out in front of her, and she can’t seem to find love. She robotically wanders through repetitive days: waking up, showering, going to work, watching the clock and going on a sad string of dates with Mr. Wrongs. It’s a story about being single and feeling isolated from others.

Everyone has something they are self-conscious about, which can make dating and social interactions difficult. And this young lady is burdened with the obvious and darkly humorous affliction of straight arms. However, the winds of change suddenly appear one day when she’s out for a stroll, looking for love with open eyes. She sees someone just like her, someone who also has straight arms and who is also seemingly open and looking for love. They find each other and embrace. However, in their mind-numbing state of euphoria they’re oblivious to a quickly approaching impending doom….

Almost: A Bittersweet Piece of Soul Origami

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