At the Lake: A Summertime Holiday Retreat

At the Lake: A Summertime Holiday Retreat

Paintings by: Amy Bennett

Are you heading to the lake for a holiday retreat this summer? If so, you just might might want to rent a canoe for the best views of the scenery, and especially for people-watching. According to Amy Bennett’s At the Lake series of paintings, a summertime return to the great outdoors is a great opportunity to peek in on the neighbors, and it just might have some things to teach us about human nature.

Amy Bennett’s At the Lake paintings were made from a huge L-shaped model of a strip of lakefront. The land was constructed from styrofoam, the water from resin, the trees from wire and foam, and the sky was painted on a backdrop. There are a few miniature houses and cabins, but most of the emphasis is on the landscape. The paintings were created with a perspective that appears to place the viewer in a boat, or perhaps as a bird even a little higher up, witnessing peoples’ goings-on along the shoreline. The At the Lake series attempts to capture images of people who are being uninhibited, natural and honest.

Slide Show: At the Lake/A Summertime Holiday Retreat

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