Arts By Chance: Fastest Way

Arts By Chance: Fastest Way

Fastest Way is a 35-sec. short-short film by Eckhard Kruse from Germany. The film was a selection of the Arts By Chance Ultra Short Film Festival, which held screenings during May 2009 all around the world. The festival was quite unusual, because the 31 selected films were presented to audiences through public advertising screens instead of in movie theaters. This was an attempt to present urban dwellers with stimulating artistic content during periods of times that are usually considered culturally dead. The digital screens were located inside metros, buses, railways, public transportation terminals, shopping malls and airports. Fastest Way is a captivating and surprising interpretation of the festival’s theme this year, which centered on the concept of “Journey.”

Arts By Chance: Fastest Way

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  1. kmpnote Says:

    This is a very cool shot!

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