Susan Boyle Live in Glasgow: Subo Goan Yersel!!

Susan Boyle Live in Glasgow: Subo Goan Yersel!!

It’s been a few months, a time of exhausting worldwide fame and rehab, but finally last night (6/15/2009) Susan Boyle returned to where it all began. Susan was back in Glasgow, this time not auditioning, but as the undisputed star of the live tour of Britain’s Got Talent. To thunderous applause, the singer looked a million dollars in an outfit fit for a star as she took to the stage. Host Stephen Mulhern introduced her by saying, “Now it’s time to welcome the most Googled lady on earth. The world’s talking about one lady. This lady.”

The crowd of 9,000 rose to their feet and roared with joy as Susan walked onto the stage. On television, her performances of Memory had sometimes been a bit shaky, but last night she belted out the song in a clear, powerful voice. The end of the song saw her second ovation as she took in the screams of fans of all ages. As the crowd roared on, Susan went straight into her signature tune, I Dreamed A Dream, and with more ovations and cries of “Susan, Susan” and “Subo Goan Yersel!” she waved happily at the crowd of admirers.

Susan Boyle Live in Glasgow: Subo Goan Yersel!!

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Iran’s Nation of Bloggers: A Means of Revolution

Iran’s Nation of Bloggers: A Means of Revolution

Political dissent in Iran in the aftermath of last week’s national election has spread not only to the streets of Tehran, but also online, where protesters of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and election observers have battled to get news out of the country for three days. Cellphone service was restored on Sunday after it had been down since Saturday, but Iranians could still not send text messages. Government filters have also cracked down on opposition party websites and social networking websites. Satellite internet connections have also been disrupted.

Foreign media outlets have found themselves coming under attack as they attempt to report on the protests ever since the official announcement that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had won a resounding victory in Friday’s poll. However, the government’s crackdown hasn’t prevented Iran’s young bloggers and activists from reporting by using proxy servers to get around the censors in a game of cat and mouse. Iran’s youthful and Web-savvy population has proven adept at using Twitter, blogs, mobile phones and social networks to spread the word about the post-election discord. Technology has proven to be extremely important in bypassing the government’s attempts to crackdown on dissent.

Millions of young bloggers are challenging the conservative government of Iran, at great personal risk. Iran: A Nation of Bloggers is an “infographic” video from the Vancouver Film School that powerfully tells this story in just 2 minutes. It explores how the digital world allows many Iranians access to ideas and freedom of expression they haven’t had for close to thirty years. Iran: A Nation of Bloggers is a visual essay that illustrates how blogging is a major cultural outlet for thousands of Iranians, despite it being a sometimes dangerous practice. Blogging is, in essence, a means of revolution.

Iran: A Nation of Bloggers

Reporters Without Borders: For Press Freedom Here.

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