Susan Boyle Live in Glasgow: Subo Goan Yersel!!

Susan Boyle Live in Glasgow: Subo Goan Yersel!!

It’s been a few months, a time of exhausting worldwide fame and rehab, but finally last night (6/15/2009) Susan Boyle returned to where it all began. Susan was back in Glasgow, this time not auditioning, but as the undisputed star of the live tour of Britain’s Got Talent. To thunderous applause, the singer looked a million dollars in an outfit fit for a star as she took to the stage. Host Stephen Mulhern introduced her by saying, “Now it’s time to welcome the most Googled lady on earth. The world’s talking about one lady. This lady.”

The crowd of 9,000 rose to their feet and roared with joy as Susan walked onto the stage. On television, her performances of Memory had sometimes been a bit shaky, but last night she belted out the song in a clear, powerful voice. The end of the song saw her second ovation as she took in the screams of fans of all ages. As the crowd roared on, Susan went straight into her signature tune, I Dreamed A Dream, and with more ovations and cries of “Susan, Susan” and “Subo Goan Yersel!” she waved happily at the crowd of admirers.

Susan Boyle Live in Glasgow: Subo Goan Yersel!!

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2 Responses to “Susan Boyle Live in Glasgow: Subo Goan Yersel!!”

  1. Glasgow Hotel Says:

    Well done to our Susan Boyle. I am glad to hear she is back to her best. I think it was a close call between Susan and Diversity and it is just unlucky they where competeting this year as she would have won it by far if not!

    Well done!

  2. melatoningirl Says:

    Susan Boyle has exceptional voice. I wish i had a voice like her.

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