Fetch: The Harrowing Perils of Life in 2-D!

Fetch: The Harrowing Perils of Life in 2-D!

Fetch! (2001) is an amazing animated short film incorporating optical illusions by Nina Paley. It’s been a favorite of children’s film festivals (Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, BAM Kid’s Film Festival, Northwest Childish Film Festival); a jury of children awarded it First Prize at the (2005) Nisan, Germany, KinderFest. Fetch! wasn’t originally created for children, but they seem to enjoy it, since its clear, simple narrative and absence of social and political issues make it more easily accessible to them.

Fetch! was the first Flash-to-35mm film festival animated short. The film’s an adorably simple concept transformed into an Escher-like kaleidoscope of twisted perspective and graphic whimsy. It’s such a great 2-D abstraction, revolving around a man, a dog, a ball and a line. And that’s all; it’s all about perspective!

Fetch: The Harrowing Perils of Life in 2-D!

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