Void: Beautifully Retro-Visual Melancholy Music

Void: Beautifully Retro-Visual Melancholy Music

Void is a new music video by the Israeli singer Matan Atias, which was directed and produced by the Israeli graphic artist Baruch Zevolun. Void is a beautifully melancholy, slow-paced video that draws from an inspiration with the 1970’s, combining ethereal music with both 3D animation and live footage.

Void: A Beautifully Retro-Visual Melancholy Music Video

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One Response to “Void: Beautifully Retro-Visual Melancholy Music”

  1. Electronica Music Says:

    I Loved the music, and I loved the video. It was artistic and beautifully done. He has a unique voice and I really enjoyed it. It would sound so nice as a duet. i liked the polaroid picture turning into a video that was a nice touch.

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