458nm: The Dark Essences of Life, Love, Struggle and Death

458nm: The Dark Essences of Life, Love, Struggle and Death

Fog has devoured the forest,
saw your quieter happiness;
Completely in scented twilight,
The beautiful world wants to pass away.

458nm is a stunning 5-minute animated short film by Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck and Tom Weber, which tells a story about life, love, struggle and death. The film has received more than thirteen awards at international film festivals. 458nm is one of the darkest films, both literally and figuratively, ever seen in any extra-terrestrial movie. The action is performed by two biochemical snails who are authentically organic in their behavior, but mechanical in their appearance: they are constructed out of gears, belts, shafts and turbines. They encounter each other and act-out nature’s oldest erotic ritual, engaging in the most passionate lovemaking that one can imagine snails doing. With flawlessly executed photo-surrealism, the film is mostly a swath of black, punctuated by the glowing metallic facets of the two snails, the glistening black earth and the antagonistic creature that comes smashing down to end the film. The Corvus Corax ex Machina ending warns us that, as in nature, so it is with machines.

458nm: The Dark Essences of Life, Love, Struggle and Death

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  1. todaysnewsart Says:

    Wow these images are random, but I love it, especially the dying mechanical snail. There’s something deep about it, even if it doesn’t show on the surface. I dunno, strange, but cool. Great find!

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